The Park

The Park

EroticTreesI’m heeeeere!

I’ll be out in a minute. Everybody’s still here playing poker and drinking. I thought most of them would have gone home by now, but my Mom’s even still here.

It’s almost midnight. Wow!

I know, right? We can go up the street to the park and hang out until people start to clear out.

But it’s almost midnight.


A minute later, the car door opened and he got in.

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Monday Motivation: “I am that. I am.”

Everything that you see and love, you are connected to it

If you look at something and say, “That is so beautiful!”, then say “I am that. I am.”

We are all connected by energy

We are all the beautiful things that we see

…all the abundance.

We are that

Rock out your world

Rock out your life

You are enough and you are worth it

The world needs you





Somewhat Stripped: Sexy Sundays

from Girltalk HQ
from Girltalk HQ

I received a nice note from a gentleman who reads my blog. In it he suggested I might be suffering from a rare, but debilitating disease called:


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My Amazing Aesthetician

My Amazing Aesthetician

Not only does she give a great Brazilian, she is very wise.

At all my appointments, we talk about the men in our lives (mostly mine, because she is more at peace with herself and her needs).

Last time, I mentioned I am getting frustrated with myself because I can’t figure out what/who I want.

I’m restless. Feeling old. I mentioned that I didn’t really want to reschedule another waxing next month because… what’s the point?

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Balloons and Tubing and Moose, Oh My!

Balloons and Tubing and Moose, Oh My!

Last weekend I went to visit my Dreamboat (“fiancé” – LOL) in Steamboat Springs.

We haven’t seen each other since about two weeks before my trip to St. Louis. A week after he moved to Steamboat, he came into town briefly and I got to have dinner with him.

It’s been a long time, but we text at least once a day and talk once a week.

Plus, there was a Balloon Rodeo!


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