My Truck is Fixed

My Truck is Fixed

Loverman fixed my truck last week and gave it back to me Friday! It’s awesome. He went to the junkyard and, all by his little self, he pulled a rear end off of a different truck, drug it back to his place and then proceeded to take off both of my rear broken axles and replace them with what he found. Not only that – I didn’t HAVE to pay for the rear end he pulled out of the junkyard! (I did pay him for the labor, of course, it isn’t right to take advantage, even though he isn’t expecting any type of payment – except for what we call “stuff”. LOL!)

All weekend I drove around in what was luxury to me. In the old rear end the wheel bearings were making this crackling noise and the rear differential was whining all the time, my leaf springs had no “pep to their step”, as Loverman would say… Now, there isn’t ANY crackling or whining noises and it glides over bumps like a dream. On top of all that, he sanded out a rust spot in the passenger door, replaced the inside door handle on the driver’s side and replaced the hinges for the driver’s-side door as well (so it opens and closes gently now). And it isn’t like I neglect my truck in any way! I love that thing. We’ve named him Bear and he gets me all around where I want to go, but he has 206,000 (227,000 now 😉 ) miles and it’s a 1995 so there are going to be plenty of problems. We are working on getting it all fixed up before we aren’t able to find any good parts for it any more (he has two 93 Ford Probes and we are running into that problem all over for his parts).

What a nice weekend! Friday night we went to Taco Bell for dinner (because McDonald’s is for Saturdays!) and had a very nice time. Then Saturday night, like always, we went roller skating (and got our McDoubles, no pickles or onions, some French fries and a large root beer…). Saturday is officially the night that we get to spend together. We used to work together and saw each other all the time, so I am even more grateful for Saturday nights. We laughed our butts off skating – like usual. I think it’s truly awesome that after 4 years every time we’re together seems more fun than the last. I wish every day could be like this past weekend was.


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