Sacred Love by Jaeda DeWaltThe beauty of your body calls out to me
I hunger to touch, taste, love its exotic expanse
To gladly find all the wondrous places
That bring you such sweet satisfaction

My hands lovingly glide over your muscular body
A trail of feathery kisses following close behind
I yearn to drive you mad with desire
Eagerly I move myself closer to you

Our bodies fuse together in one deep caress
I can feel our hearts beating wildly together
Interlocked in a sensuous embrace
My entire self joined with yours

Anticipation urges me towards ecstasy
Flesh upon flesh, pulsing in perfect rhythm
Gradually rising towards the final climax
Together our bodies erupt in passionate release

Pleasure radiating from us in the shimmering moonlight
I lay there peacefully, entangled in your strong embrace
Our fingers tracing each others’ trembling flesh
Satisfied and exhausted, slumber falls upon us like a cloak


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