Background…  I just got this new job at the beginning of July. It’s great most of the time. I am a Staff Accountant for a brand new real estate company (sounds very great, eh?). My boss is an old boss of mine and she knows how I work and I know how she works… She asked me to come and work for her and it’s my job to create and establish some Standard Operating Procedures when it comes to accounting

Now here’s the deal. Because I am the Staff Accountant I have to be the bad guy sometimes; rules need to be enforced, you know? And because this is a start-up, sometimes people have to actually mess up before we can know how to fix a problem.

Lucky us, we have that special person. She pretends to listen to what she should and should not do, but then she just goes off and does whatever she wants. My boss frequently refers to her as “a renegade”. One of these days, I am going to have to tell her that I can’t reimburse her for something because she didn’t get it pre-approved or it was over her budgeted limit.

She has hired people to work under her after she’s been told that she can’t, she has overspent her supply budget numerous times… She’s up to her final warning (at least that’s what one would think…).

Anyway… Because I have had to enforce so many rules with her, our interactions have become very uncomfortable and strained (probably because I know I can’t trust her and she knows that I feel that way…) and I am starting to think that maybe she’s doing bad things intentionally.

Regardless, her bad behavior has caused me to create some very awesome forms and procedures, which has justified my salary to my boss’s boss (YAY!). I just have to remember to look through my rose-colored-glasses to see the good things as well as I can see the annoying things.


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