Tell me please?

How to make the hurting stop?

Or just to numb a little?

It’s really so much easier to have a few drinks and fall asleep

The time will pass faster that way

And with less pain

I told him my heart hurts from missing him so much

It didn’t work

I still haven’t seen him
I still won’t get to see him

It’s like my heart is tied to his and it’s really a fairly long string, but
When the string gets too tight, it snaps
And I can’t feel him inside of me any more
I feel naked


5 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. its time to re-introduce yourself again
    to you..the one..who feels so down
    you must see..its you ..that;s gonna be
    cry if you want
    sleep if you can
    drink if you like
    but pain never ends..no it gets you numb
    you look a bit dumb..but then it’s only you

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