Change Hurts

Change Hurts

Change Hurts

Today I don’t want to be grateful

For the time with him

The changes he inspired in me

Not right now

Thinking about it really hurts

Being grateful isn’t bringing me joy today

it hurts today

But I will go out on my walk

And try to show my gratitude to the earth

Looking at the lovely colors in the leaves

And drawing in the enchanting scent

Of the earth as it prepares for it’s change

Not ready for mine

Because change hurts

Image “Autumn Reflections” by daewoniii


One thought on “Change Hurts

  1. Change hurts..and not much inspiration for today
    No colors so vibrant that you want to pray
    Children laughter, or play
    Does not make you smile, anyway?
    then ,I must leave you today
    I was the change, passing your way

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