♪♫ Reunited and it feels so good… ♪♫

Maybe it was worth it to have to wait all that time to be with Loverman again. After one month of seeing him barely never, I have seen him 4 days out of the last 8 and I am absolutely cherishing every one of those moments we had together!

His stupid job that made everything suck donkey dick for the last month decided to call him last week and tell him that he won’t be working that contract position any longer. Apparently he won’t be working any of their contract positions any longer because, since they called him last Wednesday they haven’t called him with a new assignment yet, or anything. But they didn’t tell him that, they just told him they would have to pull him off this specific job site because of something that’s going on with his license.Of course, He was very upset and being absolutely fatalistic which I completely understand: he has child support payments that he has to make (or go to jail — yes, it’s that bad), water bills to pay, car insurance, etc… And without this bad-paying, crappy-ass job he can’t take care of any of his bills – let alone catch up on the old ones. I help him when I can, but I’m not exactly made of money either. Especially with $50 booty calls 1-2 times a month ;0

Most of the time he is right when he thinks that the whole world is going to come crashing down on him. It pretty much does every time — it’s almost comical how very evil life is to him sometimes. I try to tell him that some of that is self-fulfilling — but I know how hard it is to look for the bright side when you are eyebrows deep in elephant shit, so I am there for him to vent to and to ask advice when he needs it.

So… The point of all of that was to say that: YAY! I GOT TO GO ROLLER SKATING WITH HIM THE LAST TWO SATURDAY NIGHTS!!!!  It was SO awesome! I can’t really explain the elation I feel when I am roller skating, but it makes me almost as happy as sex does (maybe it’s because some weeks that’s the only time I see him)! We skate so well together and he is actually quite popular at the rink so it’s kind of a drag when he doesn’t go with me.

  • Last Saturday night we went skating together.
  • Last Sunday night we talked on the phone before bed.
  • Monday he came over early to work on my truck. Then we met up later to work on a different car together. After we finished that up we spent the night together. Ooh la la! (I’ll tell you about that later — it was very refreshing and rejuvenating!)
  • Tuesday we spent the entire day together up in the mountains gambling ($20 each is our limit. We exceeded our limits this time to get a “free” buffet. It turns out that you spend about 3 times the amount of what the buffet costs if your trying to earn points for it…)
  • Wednesday night we went skating together again!!!
  • Thursday he had bowling so we just texted quick before I went to bed.
  • Friday we had that sexy text conversation that I wrote about earlier 😉
  • Saturday we went skating again (and had a fantastic quickie in the car beforehand — ooh la la!)!

A week of heavenly togetherness. I will revel in the beauty of it because I have NO idea when it will happen again.
And one really great thing about it all is that he is in a much better mood and has a much more positive attitude!


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