Last Monday I felt so special! I knew we were going to spend the night together, but he surprised me by showing up early in the afternoon to work on my truck. When he finished up, both of us returned to our respective homes to shower and get ready for our eagerly awaited reunion of our 2,000 parts.

I showered, washed my hair, shaved my sexy parts, got all lotiony-soft and put on a comfortable-stretchy-tight gray dress and some knee-high silver boots (that are SUPER sexy!). I was totally ready to hit the town! So, I texted him that I was on my way to pick him up.

When I got there to get him, he was dressed in some of his work clothes (but these were clean) and he smelled all fresh and bathed so I looked at him a little strange and he explained, “One of my car jobs called and we’re going to have to work on that before we head up to our room.”

I didn’t mind — he calls me his assistant and I help him work on vehicles whenever he needs me to. It’s SO fun. But what I did mind was that I was all dressed UP, and not for vehicle maintenance. So, I said something to that effect, “You know, I didn’t bring any of my car-fixing clothes.”

“That’s all right, babe. I don’t think he’s going to mind if you show up dressed like that with your titties and booty hanging all out! I know that I wouldn’t mind if some hot, sexy check came to work on my car,” was his response. (I get a reality check on that note later in the evening.)

We arrived at his client’s house and started working on the car. It turns out that one of the spark plugs that Loverman installed a week before was a bad plug (and in the process of pulling the spark plug wires off he destroyed one of them) so we were off to the Auto Parts Store to get a new plug and some wires.

Knee-High Silver BootsWhile we were at the parts store, me in my “fuck me” dress and boots, I was asking questions and helping to repair the broken wires. Loverman walked away and was talking with the parts clerk. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but both of them were smiling and laughing. That’s good, right?

I wasn’t able to repair the torn wire so we got the new plug and wires and we were at the register paying for the stuff when the clerk asked me about my credit card and where I got it. So I told him — it got me a 15% damn discount!!! Then, we’re on our way out the door and the clerk hollers out to me, “Hey! If you ever want to change my oil, let me know. I would pay extra for a hot girl in a sexy dress!” (That TOTALLY got Loverman thinking, but that will probably be in a different post on a different day.)

Loverman busted out in roaring laughter as the door to the shop closed. We were getting back into my truck and he was going on and on, “I told you so… Dude said he would pay extra… Hehehe… You go girl… Work it!” It was so very cute! I love it so much when he’s going on and on about how sexy he thinks I am. I really makes me feel sexy, that’s for damn  sure!

We got back to his client’s house and finished up the wires and plugs then went on our merry way. Up to the mountains to sleep (and stuff) and then gamble!! Starving people at 9PM that haven’t eaten since 2PM need to eat, though. So, on our way up, we stopped at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and he got his burrito meal and I got the stalest personal pan pizza one can possibly get at 9PM!

We ate and drove. The drive lasted for hours, seemingly. We finally got there and checked in around 10:30PM. After dropping things off in our room, we headed down to the bar for a quick drink. He always get what I get — and then calls it Kool-Aid every time! We ordered Amaretto Sours and each of us drank two (even though he kept trying to get me to drink his — I don’t know why, but he likes it when I get goofy-drunk) then we headed up to our room to get down to business 😉

It didn’t take us long to get undressed. Aside from the awesome office quickie the week before (to settle things down a little in the interim) it had been a month since we were ‘together’, so our 2,000 sexy parts were eager and ready to get reacquainted. For a while we laid next to each other —  face to face (more like face on face) on our sides, kissing.

Our lips barely touching. I could smell the amaretto, faint on his breath. He looked into my eyes deeply, reached down and grabbed my hips and moved me smoothly up on top of his erection. I didn’t let him slide inside right away, though. Most times I like to keep him on the outside for the first few minutes. Rubbing my wetness all up on his hardness. Everything gets all ooey-gooey and squishie and sometimes, things just happen to slip into exactly the right place. Mmmmmm… That’s what happened this time. He felt so good as I slid his entire cock inside of me slowly and deliberately — I couldn’t help but let out an intense moan of pleasure.

I continued to ride him in slow motion. My face next to his neck, I began to nibble gently to quiet the noise I was about to make as we started moving together more quickly. His hands gently caressing my back as I rose up to sit on top of him. Every single bit of his rock hard dick all up inside me, he grabs onto my hips and rocks me back and forth slowly on op of him. His finger reaches down and he starts to finger my clit which sends me into a long and loud orgasm.

His other hand reaches up to my breast and he starts to tweak my nipples. I can barely stand the pleasure as our hips grind together faster and harder — waiting for his climax to come, I have another orgasm (I can never keep count – LOL). Both of his hands reach around my hips again. He grabs me and thrusts me down on him so he can have his satisfaction. My lover came hard, I could feel him pulsating inside me as his body released. I came one last time and my body laid down on top of his. A moment later I rolled off of him so he could clean us off with the towel we keep at the bedside for just this reason.

I changed positions so I could be laying on my chest – my booty sticking up for a right-good spanking. And, boy, did I get it. He smacked my ass-cheek hard, climbed up onto the backs of my thighs, thumped his again-rock-hard-dick on the crack of my ass and started rubbing out my lower back. It’s so awesome when he does this — it’s relaxing for me (and he’s touching me, I always like when he touches me). There’s something to be said about feeling his dick laying on me like that. In this position, he is in TOTAL control — and it will always be my favorite position with him.

This is the most wonderful back-rub anyone can receive. Not only does he rub out all the kinks 😉 in my back, but he works some of the kinks I have on the inside, too. I never know when he’s going to slip himself inside my pussy when he lays on me like this. So, like the last  time, when I found him knocking at my door, I let the lover in! Every time he first enters me I make a noise, but when he is on my back, all his weight on my hips, my love-locker is so much tighter. I couldn’t contain the moment and grabbed for a pillow to muffle my extreme gratification. I moaned loudly into that pillow several times over the next few minutes as he lowered himself onto my back. He began kissing the back of my neck and caressing my sides. His dick was rubbing in all the right places, inside and out of me. It’s hard to explain, but it felt like I was cumming on the inside and the outside all at the same time! I was cumming all over. That is why this is my favorite — I can feel so much more of him penetrating me. I can feel him rubbing up against my clit… He gets at least two of my G-spots this way and I keep moaning to him, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. You feel so good, I can’t stop cumming. But, DON’T STOP!” but, we all know that, eventually even the most enduring of all lovers will have to stop. So, he did cum eventually. He had to. All over my back, pulsing and spurting out all his love juice. Groans of contentment accompanying his breathlessness, he reaches over for the towel and cleans us off again.

We moved over to the “clean bed” and passed out in each others’ arms. Sleeping like the dead for hours, only to wake up to his “morning wood” and two more of the most wonderful love-making sessions I have had in at least a month 😉

Maybe it was worth the wait.



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