Creeping Crud and Broken Cars

Creeping Crud and Broken Cars

The last few days have been kind of busy for me.

Since last Tuesday I have been sick with the creeping crud. Normally I’m only sick for a couple days and then I am fine, but this time I was knocked out for a week. From last Wednesday to Sunday afternoon I was going non-stop. Work was crazy until Friday —  we were finishing up budgets and building webpages and stuff.

Friday morning, the headlights on my truck just decided to stop working. So, Saturday we did our grocery shopping early and then I had to spend the day at the junk yard pulling a new steering-wheel part. I didn’t have the right tools… So I had to go back again Sunday morning.

Saturday night Loverman and I got to go roller skating. We had a total blast, but he was sick, too. And he has this funny rule that we can’t kiss when we’re sick 😦 so there was no kissing Saturday.

Sunday, after I finished pulling my part at the junk yard, I had to clean the apartment. So, by 3PM I was totally ready to hit the sack. I had a hot-buttered rum and laid on my couch floating in and out of delirium for the rest of the day/night.

Monday morning when I woke up I felt like moldy ass, so I called in sick to work. My youngest daughter stayed home, too. We wallowed in our misery together, but separate. When I woke up at 5 to eat some food I wasn’t feeling any better — while I was cutting my salad I kept having these awful hot flashes. I think that was the fever breaking because, even though I felt crappy this morning when I woke up, I felt okay enough to get going and drag my ass to work.

Still don’t have my headlights fixed, but at least I have the part! That’s on the docket for this week (I hope — because the nights are getting VERY long). I can’t replace it myself — it needs to be re-wired. I need Loverman to help with that part. I really hope that will get done Thursday or Friday this week and then I can be street-legal again 🙂


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