Back to Normal

Back to Normal

The last couple of weeks have been pretty fantastic. Loverman’s job went back to his old hours and we have been able to have our Saturday-Night-Roller-Skating-Dates. There has even been time for an overnight rendezvous or two.

Do you remember how I mentioned last week that my truck’s headlights were out? And not just burned out either. The headlight switch in the steering column was broken! I went to the junkyard and pulled out the replacement part myself! Can you see how proud I am?! Well, last week, Loverman had the truck all day Wednesday and he fixed them for me! And while he was doing that, he replaced all the burnt-out dashboard lights for me, too. Right before it snowed! That man is so good to me! He makes me so very happy!

Lately, though, his car has been “acting the fool” as Loverman says. So we talked about that on our Saturday morning phone call. Along with our plans for this cumming (pun intended) Wednesday. Both of us have pretty old vehicles, so we talk about them all the time. He tells me about what’s happening and I throw out ideas to him and vice versa – we usually work very well together as a team 😉 It’s been that way since we were just co-workers.

Later Saturday evening I went to go pick him up for Roller Skating. He was late because he was napping and he didn’t get my “I’m leaving to get you now” text. I didn’t mind, I figured he was asleep — he freaking worked 12 hours and then he had to get ready to go roller skating for another 3, I totally understood! Plus, he really made it up to me when he woke up 😉 (I am still smiling about it today — three days later!)

But, let me preface with this: I think Loverman and I mess around in our vehicles more than your average 40-ish-year-old couple (it’s probably much more common with cheating spouses than married ones, but everyone needs to keep the spark alive!) On Saturday night it would not be strange to find us necking in our vehicle somewhere dark. Anyway…

Loverman gets to the truck about 20 minutes late, but we still have time to get to the skating rink on time. He leaned over the center console and kissed me sweetly. Taking one look down at my bare, freshly shaved, smooth thighs (because I like to wear skirts for him), he looks up at me and says “Ooh la la!”

His hand found my right knee and his fingers lovingly traced their way up my creamy, smooth inner thigh. His fingertips lingered for a moment, knocking at the door of my panties, delicately rubbing my tender clit through the moist cotton. His light touch sending tingly shivers all the way down to my toes. With his pointer finger he lifted up the fabric of my panties while his middle finger slid into my total wetness. I moaned lightly as both of his fingers slipped underneath and then inside.

He lingered for a few moments right inside my door, pressing and rubbing gingerly. He found the perfect spot, that O-spot, and I felt a surge of hotness. My legs began to tremble softly. I leaned over to rest my forehead on his cheek, to nibble on the side of his neck while tremors of pleasure racked my body. He pulled his fingers out slowly and continued to massage my swollen sweet spot while my body writhed in pleasure in the front seat of my truck. A couple of times I thought about looking out the window to see if anyone was watching — the thought that someone was peeking in on us just made me hotter and wetter. I didn’t ever even open my eyes. I rode that wave of ecstasy for almost 20 minutes before I started asking him to stop. “Please stop. It’s not fair… It’s not fair! I want you to cum, too! It’s not fair… Stop! Stop…”

He responded with deeper, more frenzied strokes and began whispering sweet nothings in my ear “Come on, Baby, cum… That pussy’s so wet… You know it feels good… Can you feel me inside you?”

The only words I could manage to utter through my blinding spasm of orgasms was: “what about you, baby? what about you?……. Oh, baby! Oh… My… God… You feel so……. Good! Don’t you wish you were inside me?”

It was another 20 minutes of begging him to stop before he actually pulled his hand from my soaking wet snatch with the biggest shit-eating grin I have ever seen on anyone’s face. I kissed him one last time, passionately, and resolutely stated, “That was totally not fair!!! What about you?”

He just sat there looking at me, still beaming with that Cheshire Cat grin.

And do you know what he said to me after all of that? “It’s my duty to please your booty! Now let’s go skating, we’re late!”

I am SO lucky!


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