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on November 1, 2012

First, please let me qualify this post. After finishing it I started thinking — I feel naughtier in this post than I ever have before. It’s definitely not more X-rated, but I just felt naughtier so I wanted to reach out and prepare everyone 😉

PLEASE TURN AWAY NOW if you are not an adult, or you do not want to read about sex and other stuff (even though, if you’ve read my blog, you know this about me already)

That being said…
It doesn’t matter. Whatever I try to do, he always wins! Oh well, I will just have to try harder tonight.

First, though, he has to bowl in is bowling league. I’m kind of excited to go to that, too. Every so often I get the opportunity to go watch his team bowl. I get to see his older brother (way! older) and there is another dude that I enjoy talking to (now that he’s found a girlfriend — I used to think he was super-creepy) and it’s always nice when Loverman includes me in his “regular life” (but I have to behave – because, to these people, I am only his friend that is a girl. The last time I went it was funny because I almost kissed him — but I didn’t — he noticed though and I was rewarded quite nicely later!).

Last night was awesome! I did all those things that I mentioned (eventually, when we got to bed!), and he loved the hell out of it, but he still fucking WON! I don’t even know why I keep score, he will win all the way to infinity and beyond simply because I am a girl and I can have 56 orgasms and keep going. But I DO want to say, for the record, I still don’t think it’s fair! I think that one day he will just get sick of “pleasing my booty” or start thinking that I am too selfish sexually, and move on to someone who just does a better job or just plain feels better (or his wife!). That’s me and my self-confidence speaking, but also I really don’t ever want to take this good thing for granted — and I know I am replaceable! Plus, it’s a bonus for him because I’m probably trying a lot harder (I really don’t want to fuck up what I have with him, you know? I really like it!!)

Oh, and I HAVE to mention this because he NEVER does it! Only once the entire time we have been together has he “gone down” on me. I always figured it wasn’t his thing — and because he does such a good job with everything else, I’ve never really needed or wanted for him to satisfy me orally (sometimes I would think about it, but it was never really a “fantasy” of mine. Also, I was fairly sexually repressed for a LONG time and my mother attached a HUGE stigma to oral sex for me — someday maybe I’ll tell you about it, it’s as scary as the drowning squirrels thing…). Anyway Right after I finished up his body rub and started kissing on him, I “went down” on him. I just love giving a good blow job. I love the moans he makes, the way he writhes when I try different things, etc… So, I was between his legs facing him (kind of, you get what I mean, right?), licking and sucking away having a jolly good time and he says to me, “Let me see that pussy.” Now, for reference, we’ve done it before where I am giving him head and he is fingering me… So I moved my bottom next to his top. And he repeated, stressing this time “Let me see that pussy!” I did what he asked and straddled his face and had my very first 69 experience of my ENTIRE life and it was great! Definitely different than I thought. (A long time ago I had a boyfriend that loved to eat me out — he was very good at it, but he didn’t like it when I sucked on him… It was strange… So, no 69s, and I’m over 40!)

It wasn’t at all what I expected. I always thought that I would bite down or something while I was cumming. It wasn’t like that at all. Both of us gently licking and sucking on each others’ O-zones… Then I “reverse cowgirl”‘d him. I like that one a lot — it’s my favorite with me on top. But, when I switched it to normal-me-on-top, it took him like two minutes longer and he came. Ooooooohhhhhh…. It was niiiiiiice! For a second it felt like I won — just a little bit…

Just one more thing… This morning was silly. We were sideways and I coughed him right out! We had a great laugh about that one! Just one cough and he slipped right out of me… It took a while to get back in the groove on that one — he laughed a LOT! But it all worked out in the end 😉

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