The Colors We Wear

The Colors We Wear

Last week one of my co-workers started talking to me in the lunchroom while we were waiting for the microwave to finish. It was strange what she said because she knows absolutely nothing about me.

First she asked, “Did you know that the color you put on in the morning can directly affect your moods?”
I responded, “No, but it makes total sense.”
Co-Worker: I’ve noticed that you wear a lot of dark colors like brown and black. You might notice that your moods improve if you wear a more colorful wardrobe.
(I was thinking, “Girl, I am a very happy person! How elated do you want me to be, for goodness sake? I walk around glowing most of the time!”)

ME: That’s very interesting because I don’t feel like I’m in a bad mood when I put on my dark clothes (in fact, I feel something completely different that I will share with you shortly!)
Co-Worker: But it’s like you’re telling your subconscious to be dark and dreary. By the end of the day you will feel more tired and sad.

Yay! Saved by the bell. The microwave beeped and I no longer had to continue my what-business-is-it-of-yours conversation with this “stranger” who didn’t know anything about me. I left the kitchen with a roll of my eyes and a sigh of relief. That woman was totally right about the colors I put on in the morning, but she was also totally wrong!

If I had finished my conversation with her, I would have said something like this:

I intentionally wear them because I like the colors black and brown.
They remind me of the warmth I feel when I am laying in my Lover’s arms.
Brown is the color of his bronze skin and his chestnut eyes.
Black is the color of the soft, fine hair scattered all over his alluringly handsome body.
When I wear these colors, it feels like I am wearing my Lover like a protective cloak.
Like he is standing over me, around me, supporting me.
I float through my day, conscious of his presence in every minute.
When I look at myself, I see him there with me, touching me.
He is there to keep me warm, he is there to slow me down.
He is always there…
The plain and simple fact is:
The colors black and brown bring me peace and light every day they surround me.

Sleep Well, My Dear
by Ivan Koulakov


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