Saturday Night or the Holiday Party?

Saturday Night or the Holiday Party?

I don’t know what I want to tell you about more: Saturday night or the office Holiday party….

I think last Saturday night’s adventures will take some time to describe… It was glorious fun! So, I will tell you about my upcoming company holiday party and save Saturday for when I have more time (like the day after Thanksgiving when I have to be at work, but nothing will be happening)!At work we found out about the company holiday party about a month ago, so we could make our seasonal plans accordingly. Last week they handed out the invitations. I was excited because it’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a place that throws Holiday Parties for its Employees — yet also tentative because I knew I would not be inviting the husband (not in a million years!).

For the last 3 weeks I have been tossing about the notion of asking Loverman to go with me to the party. We go plenty of places as friends, where the only touching we do is walking arm-in-arm. Also, the two people who work directly with me know about my male-best-friend-that-goes-roller-skating-with-me-every-weekend-and-helps-me-work-on-cars. The other people who I work with don’t even know if I am married or not (I don’t mention my husband unless I have to. Most people only know about my daughters and some don’t even know that. But, I just started working here in July and I am a fairly private person, unless you are a close friend – or one of my blog followers 😉 ).

Well, last night I decided to pop the question. It is getting close to the date of the party and I didn’t want to make it so he would HAVE to say no because of a conflict. Here is (kind of — this is the best I can remember) how the conversation went…

ME: So, can I ask you a question? I think I already know your answer, but I really want it so I have to ask you.

LM: OK, Peanut! What’s your question?

ME: Last week we got our invitations for the company holiday party and I will not be asking <insert husband’s name here>. I was really hoping you might be able to go with me?

LM: You’re so silly! When is it?

(I told him the when and where)

LM: Do the people at work know you are married?

(I explained to him what I just explained to you about my male-best-friend-blah-blah…)

LM: That sounds fun, but if I do go with you, you have to understand that we will be going as “friends”.

ME: Yes sir. I understand, Sir! But, first I need to know if my putting my arm in your arm is something that “friends” do, Sir.

LM: Yes, that is acceptable “friend” behavior, Ma’am. Remember when we worked together? That kind of touching is perfectly fine. But, none of that <he mumbled some sexy thing and made some sexy noises>… You know what I’m sayin’?

ME: LOL! Yes, I understand that. Are you saying that you will go with me then?

LM: Yes. I would like to go to your holiday party with you. It does sound fun. Thank you for asking me. You said it was <insert date here>?

ME: Yes, Baby. Wow! That went better than I thought. I was reluctant to ask you because I thought you would say “No”… Would it be all right with you if I made a reservation for a little of our own “after party”?

LM: You think that Vanilla will want some time with Coconut? (I could hear him grinning on the other side of the phone.)

ME: Ummmmmm, yes, Silly Man… I don’t think that Vanilla would be very happy if she was that close to Coconut all night long and didn’t get to kiss him.

LM: Yeah, you’re right. Coconut might get a little mad, too. Sure, go ahead and reserve us a room. Is there going to be a bar at the party?

ME: Yeah, I’m pretty sure.

LM: Yes, then definitely get the room. I know how you are with your “kool aid” (that’s what he calls my Tequila shots and my Amaretto Sours. He says he can drink them all night — like Kool-Aid).

ME: Yeah… Right… Whatever… What about you, silly butt? (I’m giggling at him at this point. He’s SO goofy!) Okay, I will make a reservation! Thank you so much, Sexy Security Man! You make me so very happy!

LM: No problem, Sweetness. You know, it’s my duty… (to please your booty — but that part he doesn’t have to say).

ME: Mmmmm… Ooh la la! Have a great night. I will talk to your butt later!

LM: Not if I talk to your butt first! Have a good night, too!

I love talking to him. It’s always so much fun. But that conversation will have me walking on sunshine for the next couple of weeks (and then some, I’m sure!).

My Loverman is so awesome! And I am so much looking forward to going to my Holiday Party!

Now… What to wear…


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night or the Holiday Party?

  1. You’re not shy … don’t know why you’re not taking your husband, but it does sound like a great night! 🙂

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