Last Saturday Night’s Festivities

Last Saturday Night’s Festivities

I finally have something “juicy” to write about! Saturday night was AWESOME! Everything I could have wanted!

And it even helped me realize a couple of things:

~ Sex hasn’t been on my mind for the past 3 weeks because of this stupid broken ankle thing.
~ Maybe it should have been. Maybe I would have been in a better mood this whole time if I had just gotten a really awesome piece of ass!


Saturday afternoon I picked Loverman up at about 2:30 and we drove to the hotel. He was recovering from a bout of food poisoning and I “got to” hear some of the gory experience he’s been having over the last couple of days, which is only fair because he’s been there for me during my whole “broken” ordeal 😉 (I felt kind of guilty because the food poisoning came from a Subway sandwich that I got for him after he drove me around for my doctors’ appointments one day). Lucky for me, he was feeling a lot better!

Hotel LobbyWe checked in to this 4-Star hotel by 3:30 and went upstairs to get ready. The lobby was nice! There was Valet, a Doorman, Bellman, Concierge, etc… But once we got to our room, I was not-so-much impressed. It wasn’t a bad room or anything, it just wasn’t what I expected from a 4-star hotel — even with our discounted room rate.

*** For reference, I have worked in many-a-hotel in many different capacities. I have been a Housekeeper, Front Desk Clerk, Night Auditor, Night Manager, and Security Officer (Anthony Melchiorri is my “Hotel Hero” – I LOVE watching Hotel Impossible!), so I will have to tell you that I was kind of disappointed in the room. It was tiny and the comforter on the bed was all matted up (you know how the padding underneath gets old and then you can’t fluff it back up, no matter what you do?) so it looked kind of sloppy. But, all in all, we were just there for sleeping and using it for “stuff” so it didn’t really matter. And once we got into the bed, I pretty much forgot about being nit-picky. ***

There was an ottoman in the room along with a comfy chair. Once we got all of our stuff settled in, Loverman sat down on the ottoman and leaned back on the chair. I sat down, straddled across his lap (how else would you expect me to sit? 😉 ) so we were face-to-face. We talked for a long time — he’s just so easy to be with… But, eventually I could no longer resist my inner urges to kiss his luxurious lips and tear off all of his clothing.

My cast wasn’t nearly as awkward as I had expected (although I’ll bet it was a bit comical watching me try to undress quickly) — but I found out the next morning that it really works much better laying on top of him in the bed. So, we had a quick little romp in the comfy chair before we had to get ready for the party (I wanted to get to the hotel early just in case something like this happened).

Dance FloorThe party was fun! Everyone had a great time. There was drinking and eating great food and then there was dancing at the end. The dancing part made me a little sad because they played all the good party dancing songs that I know — Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc… — and Loverman would NOT let me dance (good boy!)!!! I did manage to get about 2 minutes of slow-dancing with him during “Sexual Healing”, that made me happy enough. There were pictures and videos and extremely watered-down drinks (I had 6 cocktails and a shot and I was barely feeling a buzz. It made me wonder about the people who were there and actually drunk! What were THEY drinking?). No one got crazy-out-of-your-mind drunk, most people were just happily-buzzed, and when it all ended at 11PM half of the people remaining went to the hotel bar to continue the party. Loverman and I went back up to our room — remember, he’s still recovering from food poisoning. I was amazed that he was able to eat and drink all that he did!

When we got back up to our room at about 11:20 I realized that I was a lot more tired than I thought when I was downstairs. We both got undressed, got under the (lumpy) sheets and I was asleep almost immediately, nuzzling in the crook of my sweet Loverman’s arm.

Sexy SpooningI have no idea what time it was, but at some point during my slumber, I was pleasantly awakened by some warm and curious fingers gently probing for a sweet spot. (Sleeping with him is so wonderful! I haven’t had many lovers, but Loverman is the only one I’ve had that wakes me up this way — ooh la la!). He very contentedly caressed my neatly groomed muff until I couldn’t handle it any more. I had to have him inside of me! I turned over onto my left side and slid my back up to his front in a spoon-like position with my upper leg (the not broken one) propped up over his hip. He was ready to be inside of me, too. His magical wand slipped right into my eagerly waiting pussy like that was exactly where it belonged. We laid together like that — his bronze thickness deep inside of me, my creamy inner folds caressing him tenderly, urging him to ecstasy. He found my inside o-spot with his prick and slowly rubbed his swollen head back and forth, in and out, while I writhed into him further and tried to keep myself quiet. My body moved in perfect rhythm with his, hips gyrating together, bodies sweating. His face was buried in the back of my neck and I could hear his quiet moans of satisfaction, scattered with words of sexy encouragement: “Does that feel good, Baby?” “I could stay like this all night…” “You like it when I do that?” I could feel him throbbing inside of me as we both got closer to the climax. Bodies surging and swelling and pulsing together until he couldn’t hold himself back any longer, he pulled out at exactly the right time and squirted his liquid warmth all over my inner thighs.

Once we were all cleaned up, he curled up next to me just as we were spooning before and I fell asleep — safely cradled in the comfort of my sexy Loverman’s strong embrace… Until morning…

I also enjoy waking up with Loverman. Sometimes I get woken up (like earlier) and sometimes I get to wake him up and then there’s the other times when part of him is up and ready but he’s still sleeping (a hard little poke in the rump is a nice way to wake up!). I tried to slip carefully out of bed because I didn’t want to wake him… Yet…

Good morning!I went into the bathroom to take care of some urgent duties (LOL – duties…) and when I returned to the bedroom, Loverman had rolled over onto his back and there Coconut was (my pet name for his “stuff”) waving at me longingly from under those thin, white sheets. What was I to do except crawl under those sheets and give him a big, long, sexy kiss.

That definitely woke up my Loverman, but not right away. While I was nibbling, little by little he began to squirm underneath me and his hips began to thrust sleepily. From underneath the covers I heard exactly when he woke. With a yawning, happy sigh he said, “Good morning” in that sexy-I-just-woke-up voice. I felt his dick harden, so I moved a little slower, more purposefully seeking to give him pleasure. I wanted to give him a sexy massage that he wouldn’t forget for a while… (I read this great article in Cosmo a LONG time ago about how to drive a man crazy with just a massage). But it’s always me that can’t wait to have him inside of me and with all of this sexy licking and sucking I needed to climb back on top of him again and relieve some of the pressure that I had built up.

Girl on topLike the night before, I climbed up onto his lap and straddled his waist. With slow deliberation, I slid his stiff and virile member inside of me. I came right away… “Oh yeah, baby! Come all over that dick” were Loverman’s words as he reached one hand down to my throbbing clitoris and the other up to one of my erect nipples. I couldn’t hold back the tremors that were shaking my body. Continuous orgasms were rolling over me like waves at high tide as he tweaked my already sensitive nipples and rubbed my clit until I was practically delirious with pleasure! I couldn’t keep up the rhythm! My legs were starting to quiver and I could no longer move myself up and down on his penetrating pole. He moved his magic fingers from my soaking bush and wrapped his masculine arms around my back and lowered my body onto his. My lips caressed the side of his neck like feathers as I concentrated on slowly moving my hips around on top of his.

He continued to whisper dirty sweet nothings in my ear as I continued to squirm on top of him. Soon, though, I was too tired to go on any longer and my legs were shivering too much and starting to go numb underneath me (damn cast!). He rolled us over to position himself on top of me. I knew it wouldn’t be too long and Loverman would be cumming, too. My right leg was propped up on his shoulder and he felt so good, thrusting so deeply inside of me, I really couldn’t contain my orgasm this time and had to grab one of the pillows to cover my screams of pleasure. I could hear his soft moans as he plunged his erection into me faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until it was his turn to let himself go. One last thrust, deep inside of me and, as he came, he let out a long sigh of contentment before letting his body drop down, prone, onto mine.

For quite a while we laid there, him on top of me. I stroked his back gently with my fingertips and nails while he fell back into the slumber of a well-satisfied man. It was so peaceful resting there underneath him, listening to his quiet breathing and steady heartbeat for the rest of the morning… But, as it happens with everything, our awesome Saturday night eventually had to come to an end…

Of course we took a sexy shower together to wash off any of the tell-tale smells… This time it was a little more complicated because I have to be VERY careful of my broken ankle (slipping in the shower could be hella-bad!). But as always, Loverman was watching me constantly with his “protective” eye and I made it through the shower no worse for the wear 😉 We stopped for lunch at Arby’s (because we didn’t eat breakfast and I was starving from all that morning exercise!) and then drove the rest of the way home… Feeling very, very satisfied.



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