Why ‘Getting Some’ Gets You Healthy

Why ‘Getting Some’ Gets You Healthy

I found this article yesterday by mistake and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with everyone.
So, here is me, sharing these 20 salubrious reasons with all of my readers (ooh, snap! I should have waited and that could’ve been a word of the day…)!twig page separator

Why ‘Getting Some’ Gets You Healthy

Article re-posted from LiveLighter.org. Original post by Head Health Nutter on 07/07/2009

Sex is a natural instinct. Sure, we can live without it, just like we can also technically survive without much exercise or whole foods. But when you start fulfilling these basic needs for your body, you quickly discover why healthy living is worth the effort.

Whether you are flying solo or with a partner, here are a few of the health benefits of regular sex from The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Turner:

Note: most of the following arise from increasing and/or balancing sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) or from the general benefits of exercise. To reduce repetition, benefits without further explanation are attributed to these factors.

  1. Enhances libido. Our sex drive naturally lowers as we age. But if we keep using it, like lean muscle mass, we won’t lose it!
  2. Adds fire to sexual desire.
  3. Gives us more sex appeal.
  4. Improves mood, motivation and memory.
  5. Increases fat burning, bone density, muscle mass and strength.
  6. Indirectly supports fat loss and can prevent abdominal fat.
  7. Depending on your effort in the session, improves the fitness of the heart.
  8. Curbs appetite and food cravings. “Apparently, the dopamine pathways in the brain involved in stimulating desire for both sex and food are shut down by the hormones released immediately after we have an orgasm.”
  9. Improves skin tone. Dr. Turner says some research suggests that sex 3 times a week can prevent wrinkling around the eyes!
  10. Reduces stress. Not only is sex a stress-buster, it also combats the harmful effects of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  11. Makes us feel calmer and more relaxed. A great orgasm encourages the release of oxytocin, a hormone and feel-good neurotransmitter.
  12. Can lower blood pressure. Another effect of oxytocin.
  13. Slows the aging process. Orgasms also spark a huge surge of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a natural steroid which has anti-aging effects.
  14. Improves sleep.
  15. Reduces the risk of depression.
  16. Helps ease pain and boosts immunity. Sex causes the release of endorphins, our bodies’ natural opiates.
  17. Prostate protection for men.
  18. Sharpens our competitive edge.
  19. Strengthens the bond between partners. Here’s good ol’ oytocin at work again.
  20. Hormonal balance. When our sex drive plummets, it’s a good indication of a hormonal imbalance. The cure to this is… sex! Try to muster up a little somethin-somethin even if you don’t feel like it, and you might be surprised to feel yourself getting a little randier. *wink* *wink*

The above are considered basic biological facts. But, for a more interesting reason to have good sex, Dr. Turner also mentions a theory of Sam Graci, author of The Path to Phenomenal Health, “that Mother Nature may start selecting against us when our sex engines cool, simply because of the basic laws of evolution or survival of the fittest”.

So as you can see, staying active in the bedroom is an important addition to your healthy lifestyle. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy!

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Go out there and get healthy, people!!!


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