I Am Writing You a Poem

Post revised 12/11/14

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. ~ Robert Frost

I never told my sexy Loverman Loserman how many poems I write wrote for him. And he has had NO idea that I write wrote stories about the things he does did to me and how it makes made me feel!

Every once in a while I will would give him one of the poems, like on his birthday, or a holiday… Last time I just gave him one out of the blue. He does similar things for me — like put windshield wipers on my truck or fix my headlights 🙂 He shows me that he cares in ways that he knows how to show me. And I love it. The things he does for me are things that I see every day — and I can be reminded each time I look at them.


I‘m not sure don’t know if he keeps kept the words I give gave to him. I don’t didn’t even know if he likes liked them. I have no clue if he even understands understood them. But I DO know that he knows that he inspires me to put my thoughts down as words, and that makes him happy (because I am happy).

Writing a Poem


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