Would You Like to Play a Game?

Would You Like to Play a Game?

We’ve been together just over 5 years now, so lately I’ve been trying to “mix things up” a little with Loverman. This last Saturday we tried out a game called It’s a Love Match that I found on the Dating Divas website. It was pretty fun! I asked and he said that he would play it with me again… And, you guys out there, it might surprise the hell out of your lady if you did something like this for them. (I’ve never had a guy do something like this for me!)

Click here to download your own copy!
Click here to download your own copy!

First we checked in and got settled into our lovely hotel room (this time was NOT a Motel 6 – YAY! The beds were magnificently luxurious!). Then I handed him the cards, saying “remember that Memory Game we used to play as kids?” and asked him to look them over so he could get an idea of what the game was about.

There are cards in the deck like:

  • Give your partner your best pickup line
  • Pucker up: Give your partner a Red Hot Kiss that lasts 30 seconds
  • Take advantage of second base
  • Dance together to your favorite song
  • Rub a dub dub! Take a dip in the tub
  • Raid the kitchen for a sweet treat
  • Remove an item of clothing (this one caused a bit of an argument with us. I made the match and he said that I had to remove the item of clothing. I said that it was my choice to remove ANYone’s item of clothing. The card didn’t specify… Plus, that’s what these next cards are for…)
  • His/Her Choice
  • Several more. They were very cute and fun and mostly innocent. I am sure you could make up your own deck with whatever makes you happy šŸ™‚

In addition to all of the pre-printed ideas, there are 4 blank cards for us to fill in with what we think would be fun to do. So, I asked Loverman to fill in his cards — because I had already done mine. While I was waiting for him to think of something I shuffled the cards and when he handed his 2 completed cards to me, I shuffled them right into the deck without looking at them.

memory_gameNow, if you aren’t familiar with the Memory Game — aka Concentration… Pairs of matching cards are shuffled and laid out randomly, face-down on the playing surface. The first player flips over two cards. If they are matching images the other side, that player removes the cards from the playing surface and takes another turn. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over and it’s the next player’s turn. The next player does the same thing. And so on, and so forth until all the cards have been matched. Then count the matches, and whoever made the most matches is the winner!

In our game it ended up that we were both winners šŸ˜‰

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