Broken: Day 86 (Update)

Broken: Day 86 (Update)

First,My New Skate Shelf in case you were wondering (because I know you all have been waiting on the edge of your seats. Like – “Hello?!”) – Valentine’s Day went well. The husband made me a pretty neat shelf in the kitchen where I can store my roller skates and their tools and supplies. It took some effort on his part and it’s pretty neat! It was a sweet gesture after my gentle explanation ti him last Wednesday night (much more nicely than my post the other day ;0) of how I think gifts should be given on the actual day of the ‘holiday’ or celebration. He sent me a text Thursday afternoon telling me that I was right about that! OMG!!! Also, that night, I brought home dinner from work because one of the clients had ordered way too much lunch for the office so there was a ton of extra food. And I got to take three extra box-lunch deli sandwiches (and chips and cookies) home for the family — they were DAMN good!! And I was not requested to bump any uglies that night before the husband had to go to work (HUGE sigh of relief!!!). But, I am not going to get used to his behavior because I know it’s only temporary. For now, I will appreciate the kindness and giving while it lasts 🙂

And second, (again in case you were wondering — and because it’s been a really long time since I wrote about it)… My ankle is still broken. However, last week my Doctor freed my from my crutches, so now I am fully ambulatory with a walking cast on my left foot!! I am supposed to be careful and put ice on it when it’s swollen. Also, I need to stop putting pressure on it if it starts hurting… You know, all that “be careful” stuff… Also, I have been given a lace-up brace that I am supposed to start using (incrementally) instead of my walking cast when I feel like I am ready to “get serious” about exercise again. I tried it out this weekend when I was on a walk with my youngest daughter. I have to say that it doesn’t seem like the ankle brace makes much of a difference, but the doctor said…

I am very, very happy to be mobile again!

I am grateful to have both arms free to carry things. It was a total drag having to call one of my daughters to come down from our third floor apartment to help me bring my stuff up every night (I have also gotten used to carrying a backpack with me everywhere I go).

I am grateful that I can go back to holding hands with my Loverman when we’re walking together (I hate it when we’re together and we can’t be touching! When we were together yesterday I made a comment to that effect and then asked him, “When we’re together, when am I not touching you?” The only times he could think of is when I have been on my crutches, or when we’re with people who think we’re “just friends”). Before my ankle broke, I never realized my need for constant contact with him. Heart HandsIn fact, it seems my broken ankle has helped me realize quite a few things about my relationships with others. Something more for which I am grateful.

But, in all of these good things and all of these epiphanies, there is also frustration and sadness because I will still have to wait to do my second-most-funnest thing — roller skate! I will have to wait on that until (at least <sigh>) my next doctor’s appointment which isn’t for 5 more weeks! Argh!!!!

My friends are telling me I have already been through the worst of it, I just need to be patient now. Well, let me just say this: “If I haven’t been patient up until now, how am I going to be able to calmly wait out the last few (I hope) weeks when I can see that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel?!”

I can do it. I know I can. Five weeks is nothing, right? But what if he tells me that I still have to wait? Argh again!!

Why is that cart in front of that horse?
Who keeps putting that cart in front of the horse?

I need to just “slow my roll” (as Loverman says) and focus on the good and positive things. That will help me to heal faster anyway! And if I move my mind away from the disappointment and towards appreciation, I am sure that it will be time to roll again before I know it!

Its My Skate Night


4 thoughts on “Broken: Day 86 (Update)

    1. You are SO sweet! Thanks 🙂 I do too.

      Maybe you could post something about sex and being broken. I was SO frustrated when my ankle first broke that we wouldn’t be able to “do it”, but it turns out it’s all pretty much the same… I am just really glad it wasn’t my hip or my back or something worse.

    1. Thank you. I am starting to feel the ‘normal’ returning to me slowly, but of course normality is relative.
      And I think my relativity may have changed, if you know what I’m trying to say 🙂
      But I am starting to feel at peace again which is very nice and comfortable — but not too comfortable 😉

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