Last Friday Night, The Final Part

Last Friday Night, The Final Part

It was almost 11 when we finally arrived at our comfy, warm room. I grabbed the bottle of wine that I had left chilling on some ice in the bathroom sink. At that same time, Loverman grabbed a bottle of Champagne that he had packed  in his bag. It was a bottle of Cartier Brut that he had procured a few years back while he was working there as a security guard! I put my $3.00 bottle back in my bag and said I could save that until next time 🙂 Wow!

That small gesture was immense to me! On top of getting to spend the evening driving around town with my favorite man, I got to meet his mom AND he was about to share one of his only two bottles of extravagance with me!!! Just this Christmas, his gift to me was a bottle of Délices de Cartier Eau de Toilette. We’ve been together 4+ years and he, just this winter, started sharing this part of himself with me (I always knew that he worked there and that he had some stuff stored away, but he hadn’t ever given any of it to me). He hasn’t even given any of his Cartier ‘collection’ to his wife!!!!

Délices de Cartier

I felt like royalty! I wanted to make him feel like royalty, too! I felt like I had finally “broken the barrier”. Meaning: a long time ago, he told me that he would never be able to give 100% of himself to a relationship again. He told me not to get my hopes up for anything bigger… He’s been cheated on by all of his girlfriends and baby mommas – and when we started our little soiree, he thought his wife had started cheating on him, too. He had given up completely on having a mature adult relationship with a sane faithful woman (not that I am a faithful woman, but I am faithful to him). I don’t feel like he’s giving me 100%, he’s right… But I feel like he is definitely giving me the correct percentage most of the time. And I honestly don’t think I want a guy giving me 100%, that might be stifling…

We luxuriated together in the comfy, white, king-sized bed while we drank that lovely, expensive, meaningful bottle of champagne. It ended so quickly. We were there drinking and watching something on TV (I honestly can’t remember. It could have been the hotel’s channel for all I know), and then the champagne was gone. I looked over at that sexy man laying there next to me, fully clothed, on top of the plush bedspread and I was filled with desire and utter satisfaction. I let out a giant sigh and had the hugest grin on my face. It’s just not right to feel so happy! Loverman looked over at me and said, “What?!” To respond, I crawled up into his strong, warm arms, kissed him and whispered, “You make me feel so special.” My lips lingered below his ear for a moment while I took a deep breath of him. He took my face in his hands, drew me to his lips, kissed me and whispered back “That’s because you are special.”

He rose up from the bed to undress, but I wanted to be the one to unwrap that package! That is what I had been waiting for all night! I drew myself up behind him and placed my hands at his waist, slowly raising his shirt up over his head. Slowly caressing his smooth chest on my way back down to his belt. Slowly savoring every bit of his front with my fingertips while I continued to breathe in his lovely scent. His belt came unfastened easily, as if it could sense my desire. We had been flirting and touching and grinding all throughout the night and I knew that I would explode the second I felt him inside of me. I wanted to enjoy feeling every ounce of his sexyness, but not too soon. He was eager, too. His stiffness just about to explode out from the sexy man panties he wore for me. Surprise again! Another first! Being with my Loverman is like unwrapping a very thoroughly-wrapped package — every time we’re together I get to unwrap another layer. And this was a sexiest layer yet. Ooh la la!! (It makes me so happy to think about it! I’ll bet I’m glowing just writing this!)

I sat down on the edge of the bed as he finished removing his jeans (because the last time I did it, I made a huge mess dumping out all of the things in his pockets! It was funny and a lot un-sexy. LOL!). Before I knew what was happening, he was gyrating his engorged, tear-me-off-now sexy underwear in my face like an exotic dancer and I liked it! He was erotically dancing for me and I was so turned on!!! Another layer of this mysterious package came unwrapped (no pun intended)! He didn’t dance for me very long, but he didn’t need to! Every time he exposes another part of himself to me I feel so much closer to him and I really wanted to show him how very, very close to him I wanted to be at this exact moment!

I pulled him toward me and released his swollen erection from it’s constricted haven. My mouth tenderly surrounding the engorged tip and then kissing the entire length of his shaft. Caressing him with my lips and my breath. Each kiss a new taste. Each kiss making me wetter. Each kiss increasing the familiar longing between my thighs. I slipped his sexy underwear down his sexy legs and he stepped out of them.

He stood there in front of me completely naked, looking so vulnerable and so desirable and said, “You’re still dressed and it’s time for me to unwrap my present.” He led me up from the bed and towards him. His hands stroking my backside, soon they came to rest squarely on my rump.

Hmmmm. I wonder…” His fingertips became inquisitive. With them, he seductively lured my dress up my legs. He stopped when the hem was barely clearing the top of my bare ass — and then he smacked it! He smacked it hard! He had finally realized that the entire time I was with him I wasn’t wearing any panties!

Girl!” he exclaimed as he gave me an equally good swat on the other side “to even it out!” I grinned evilly at him as he continued to remove my silky dress. “What’s this?” was his next question. I had purchased a new front-hook bra and it made my boobs look totally awesome in the Valentine Day dress I had worn for him — but without the dress, they absolutely “popped”!

“I wanted to make sure you enjoyed unwrapping your present, too!” I shot him one of my coy looks – one that always makes him kiss me.

While he was kissing me, my bra was stealthily unhooked and removed. We pulled the comforter off the bed and he climbed in first. I crawled in on top of him and, even though I was completely ready, I did not slide him into me just yet. This was something I wanted to relish – like eating an ice cream cone on the hottest of summer days. And I wanted him to relish it, too.

I was so wet and slippery and he was so stiff and hard pressing against my trembling clit. I had to hold back, it was too soon to cum. He wasn’t even inside of me yet! I leaned down to kiss his neck and whisper in his ear, “Baby, you make me feel so special. I hope I can make you feel that special, too.” His only response was a moan and a sigh as he brushed his lips across my neck and up to my lips. I had to have him inside of me! This sexy man who did so many things that made me feel special…

I lowered my hand to nudge his erection into me. As it slid in and up into my ardently wet pussy, it was like I could feel his pulse inside of me. He filled me up completely… I couldn’t hold back this time and I came all over him, uncontrollable moans of pleasure escaping from both of us… He allowed me to continually violate him in this way while he writhed underneath my own gyrating hips…

But, I just can’t “win” when I am on top. He lets me start off mostly every time that way — but I rarely bring him to orgasm this way (he took a shower before he came to get me earlier… Most times he does…). It’s a fairly big point of contention for me… Which makes it a game for him… One time I “won” and it completely caught him off guard — me, too, really! (Probably no shower first that day.) I got to gloat about it for a little while, but then he just threw me down on the other bed and had his way with me until I was begging for mercy (that time was so awesome for both of us! There’s this thing he sometimes repeats to me to get me going — “I hope you have two more hours, baby“)! I try so hard, but he almost always “wins”. I am not complaining. That is a battle I will lose every day if I have to, because the way it ends feels like heaven in my pussy!

This time ended with his victory, yet again. Not that I was surprised… And I was most definitely satisfied. As was my Loverman who fell asleep directly with his head rested on top of my “pillows”.

A few hours later I woke up and he was still slumbering contentedly. He had worked the night before and only taken a short nap before fixing his friend’s car and taking me on our Valentine Adventure. I expected he would be sleeping quite a while longer. And I would let him because we had to get up and leave before 9 Saturday morning.

The next time I woke up, I was laying on my stomach and he was caressing my back – fingertips like feathers, leaving shivering goosebumps in their wake. When he realized that I had started to regain consciousness he shifted his body onto mine, straddling my upper thighs with his. He thwomped his dick between my butt cheeks (he loves to do this. I think it’s cute and it tickles a little) and began to give me one of his “magical back rubs”. It starts out as a deep tissue massage 😉 and ends up with the most thorough, long and satisfying orgasms I’ve ever had!

I could go into the gory details of that romp, too, but this story is already getting very, very long and I am pretty sure you get the picture…

This year my Valentine’s Day was very special to me!


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