Another Sweet and Text-y Sunday Morning

Another Sweet and Text-y Sunday Morning

A Coupleby Ivan Koulakov
A Couple
by Ivan Koulakov

Good morning, baby! I was dreaming about your sexy body last night. Did you feel me?

Yes I did and I was thinking about you, too. Did you feel me?

Oh yeah. And I can feel you now, too. It makes me squishie thinking about it. Wish you were here to work it out! Mmmm…

Your wish almost came true. I was going to call you to see if you wanted to ride with me up the mountain to pick up some gas money, but had to come home.

Darn. That would have been very nice! And you would have had a hard and slippery morning.

Yes I would. I hope you continue to have a wet morning.

I hope you have some very hard and sexy dreams! Ooh la la! You could close your eyes and slide into me right now… I’m so close…

Let me put my hands and Coconut on you. That will make you fully release.
Stay up with me because I need your help on something.

Oh! I’m up now! Yeah… Mmm, mmmm! I want to violate you all over!

Is that a challenge?

Am I ever a challenge?

Yes. Also, call me…


4 thoughts on “Another Sweet and Text-y Sunday Morning

  1. Understand you had a bad Monday.When you’re frustrated, you can go to somewhere isolated and shout as loud as you can, curse as much as you can, scold all the persons’ you dislike, listing out their names!

    1. Thank you for your sweet thoughts!!! I took it off right away like I do with most of my work posts because I fear discovery!

      Sometimes I scream! I wish I didn’t live in such a huge office building. I’m afraid that if I go scream anywhere (including my car in the parking garage) that people will take me seriously.

      I wish Loverman was around more so I could take out my frustration with him in another way, if you know what I mean. I find that sex is an awesome release when I’m angry. I just don’t have the luxury of having him around whenever I feel the need 😉

  2. THANK YOU! I almost deleted that post yesterday once I finally started blogging! I had a few posts from months ago from when I had just basically signed up to be able to read and comment on other blogs here. Anyway, I deleted those posts, since they were just general in nature and about learning the site. But I just could NOT figure out how to get that pic removed, and no one else had commented, and then YOU did and it WORKED! So thanks so much for your help. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, btw. Look forward to reading more! Thanks again. Big sigh of relief for the whole “being anonymous” thing. 🙂

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