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Broken: Day 106 (Facebook Makes Me Sad)

on March 11, 2013

Facebook sucksLabeda G80 Silver Streak

Checking my newsfeed makes me sad

I am a member of two roller skating groups

Where people talk about how much fun they had skating last night

Or they post pictures and videos of having fun skating

I am very jealous of them

I got my skates out yesterday and put them on

And sat on the couch staring at my feet in them

They still fit…

Two more weeks before I find out if I’m un-broken enough to skate in them again


Loverman got himself a Smart Phone

Now he’s on Facebook, too

Last night I went to his page and saw that he entered that he is married

I was upset

My heart sank

I liked it better when he thought Facebook was a waste of timePomegranate Molasses Syrup

I texted him to call me when he got up for work

The waiting minutes oozed by like a molasses mudslide

In my mind I chanted, “Breathe… You’re being silly…” “Breathe… You’re being silly…”

“Breathe… You’re being silly…”

Because I was

My sweet Loverman called me at 9:30

I asked him when is your wedding anniversary

He asked me why

Because you posted on Facebook that you are married

That’s because I am married, sweetie

…I know and I feel silly for getting upset. I just hate to be reminded.
Why did you have to put it there? Forget it… It’s silly…
Thank you for calling me…
I’m sorry that I’m upset.
I miss you baby and wish that you could give me a hug.

Awwww, baby, that’s sweet. I miss you, too. Maybe I’ll see you Tuesday morning.
I think I have to be up in your neighborhood for an appointment. I will give you that hug as soon as I can.

I felt a little better and also a little sillier

But it sure would be nice to feel his strong, reassuring arms holding me tight against him

And possibly a little more 😉


Facebook is just a big, rotten reminder of what I can’t do

And what I can’t have

I think it’s time to take Facebook off my list of things to check before I go to bed

6 responses to “Broken: Day 106 (Facebook Makes Me Sad)

  1. says:

    Facebook to me is usually meant for the lonely and bored ones. Get your butts off the seat and interact with the real people around and outside your house!

  2. Amba says:

    Facebook is awesome when it wants to be-it helps us stay in touch with friends and family and what not. But it is also a painful reminder of everything we can’t have and the speed at which people update all their giddy happy good news doesn’t do much to help. I understand where you’re coming from. BTW that photograph looks so yummy. Hope your leg is all better now!

    • It does, doesn’t it… If you click on it, there’s a link to a recipe for pomegranate molasses syrup… mmmmmm….

      Thanks for asking, the leg’s almost better. I can walk. I just can’t run, drive a manual transmission, or roller skate yet… Soon, I hope! Two more weeks and the orthopedist takes another x-ray and tells me if it’s healed enough that I can resume normal programming…

  3. Futanari says:

    couldnt agree more

  4. […] Broken: Day 106 (Facebook Makes Me Sad) […]

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