Only 8 More Days

Only 8 More Days

Good news, everyone! I don’t have to take blood thinners any more for the blood clot in my left calf!!! YAY!!! I don’t think that I told you, but I really detested that doctor – the internist. Now, I never have to see him again!! I am going to finish up taking the blood thinners that I have left and then I am going to start a regimen of one St. Joseph’s aspirin a day, under the advisement of my mother 🙂

Next Tuesday (8 more days) I get to see the doctor that I like — the orthopedist — and they will take another x-ray of my ankle to see if I am well enough to resume my normal skating behavior! I am so anxious it’s killing me! But, the waiting is getting easier the longer I have to do it…

And the coolest thing about next Tuesday is:

after my doctor appointment, Loverman and I get to go out-of-town together for two whole nights!

I only have to wait 8 more stinking days…


8 thoughts on “Only 8 More Days

  1. Two whole nights. Sigh. Isn’t it fabulous? I just had 2 nights and 3 days with my man away from both of our areas and it was awesome. Hoping for good news on you ankle and that the days pass quickly. (sadly, the days together passed JUST as quickly as my time waiting for them. Ugh. It’s just part of it though.) Keep us posted!

    1. It is… I really look forward to these times we get to be together! I’m glad you had fun 🙂 Thanks for the well-wishes on the ankle!!

      In order to make it last longer, I stay up at night and watch him sleep. The minutes ooze by and I get to spend memorable time with my Loverman (creepy, eh?).

      1. Yeah. It IS creepy. How do I know? I do the same shit! Especially on the last night. I don’t sleep well that night knowing that it’s almost over. I TRY not to go there, but it’s just hard. I LOVE watching him sleep and while I’m not a snuggler, I hold onto, or have to be touching him ALL night. 🙂

    1. Ummm… My husband is an idiot? And I am a liar.

      Sometimes I wonder if he knows and he’s just waiting to use it to incriminate me when I finally do ask him for a divorce. But, then I think that he wouldn’t want the kids in the case we got divorced because that would mean he would have to be responsible… I don’t know how he doesn’t know…

      1. How about his wife?

        I think Ks wife really doesn’t give a damn. We also see each other so infrequently. The first two times WERE valid business engagements that we both participated in.

        The next 2 times not so much, but two short, business trips is not unusual for what he does. One was even another actual business thing that was cancelled at the last minute, leaving an opening for me…

        As often as you two are around each other and spend time in hotels and such, it just seems weird that they wouldn’t know. Then again, every relationship is different.

        1. I think his wife also has something going on on the side — I kind of get into talking about her in my Husband Swap post, but I don’t talk about her very much. I don’t like her very much… She has something that I want very badly, and she doesn’t treat that something very well at all…
          That said – I don’t think his wife gives a crap. But, I don’t think she suspects he’s having an affair either. Loverman has always had a lot of friends and, even before me, he would spend some days/nights away from home — like at his brother’s apartment, another friend’s house, etc… Those were all established patterns of his from his past, before he was even married to her (they’ve only been married 7-8 years). It’s always been that way so I don’t think she sees it any differently than that…

          I think that the husband does know… I think he’s waiting to use it against me. Because he knows Loverman. LM is my mechanic and best friend. We roller skate together every week (when I am not broken) and we visit junkyards together scrounging for spare parts. It is very possible that the husband thinks that my relationship with LM is innocent, but at this point I doubt it. This has been going on for over 4 years. Part of this is easy to hide because the husband has NO say on money in our household. I give him his entire paycheck every week and he has to figure out how to afford to buy groceries with it and also to take care of his Dr. bills. I pay all of the rest of the household and living expenses out of my checks — his only responsibility is groceries and himself… He can’t see any of my banking activity — nor does he care. The husband is more than completely incompetent when it comes to managing money.

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