Have You Ever Wondered About the Bee?

Have You Ever Wondered About the Bee?


Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Stranded
Beeby nicobou
by nicobou

Have you ever wondered what the bee is thinking?

You know, the bee that sneaks into your car when you open the door?

Or when you leave the window cracked?

You know the one.

Buzzing around inside while you’re driving.

There it is, in your rearview mirror, flittering around in the back window.

Wingbeats getting louder and crazier when the bee realizes there’s no escape.

Its little body banging up against the glass.

Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzz!

Knocking at every corner of that window.

Moving forward to try other windows.

Buzzing its furry, little body along all of the cracks.

Tossing its torso uselessly against each crack over and over again.

And then, the bee finally escapes

Through a window that you opened out of sheer pity (and consummate terror!)

Stranded in a strange new land…


9 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered About the Bee?

  1. No. I have never wondered about that bee. I HATE Bees. And Wasps. And Hornet. We are talking a TRUE phobia of them. I am the one at the pool who while shy in my swimsuit, will jump up and move like a maniac running and swatting, trying to make sure that bee doesn’t get me. It is embarrassing and I know it is not that big of a threat, but it is a real phobia. Probably my only one. People look at me like…”did you really just, jump up, run away swatting and yelling like that, over that little bee”? And I say…YES. I did! LOL! If he flies out of my car, great. If he doesn’t, then I will get out. If I can step on him or hit him with hornet killer first, I will. So, in short….No. I have never wondered about the bee.

  2. Poor bee! Yeah, I wonder what she thinks… I wonder what all animals think of our crazy modern world? They all seem to accept it pretty well enough, but…what do they think..?

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