Random Thoughts I Need to Get Out of My Head

Random Thoughts I Need to Get Out of My Head

Kiss After the Rainby Leonid Afremov
Kiss After the Rain
by Leonid Afremov

He said, “That’s why I love you, Babe,” three times and I didn’t say it back. I don’t think that I was supposed to… All three times I leaned over and kissed him. He’s so sweet! I wanted to say it back. I said it over and over and over to him Wednesday evening while his head was resting in my lap. He didn’t hear me. He was asleep and I was only mouthing the words.

Both nights I slept like crap. I knew I would. It’s because I don’t want to fall asleep too hard and wake up to an empty bed. I want to cherish the moments I get to spend languishing atop his glorious chocolate body.

Time went entirely too fast. I tried with all my might to slow it down. It was lovely and wonderful and all sorts of things that words cannot possibly express.

It’s harder to keep the memories in my head. Is it because we’ve been together for so long? Is it because things are so comfortable and the same all of the time? I don’t want things to change. I don’t want these memories to fade. Remembering them makes me happy! Putting it here helps me remember…

I’ll be back later. To remember the wonderful two days and nights I got to spend with my sexy Loverman. Because I never want to forget…


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