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The I-Team

on April 18, 2013

How to Draw SpongeBob & PatrickthumbnailTuesday Loverman bought a new (to him) truck for his up-and-coming roadside assistance business. Before he bought it, instead of calling his wife he called me. He wanted me to check out the truck and ask questions about it. He wanted me to be there when he signed the papers because I am an “accountant” and he wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss anything. Isn’t that something he should be asking his wife to do with him?

When my ankle was broken, Loverman was the one who went with me to the doctor. He was the one who made sure that I was taken care of and that I was taking care of myself. When my car breaks down and I need help I call Loverman. Isn’t that something that my husband should be doing for me?

We really make a damn good team.

I can remember when it used to be like that with the husband. I guess that our teams just changed a little. We got married, had kids, got older and life became more complicated. That’s when it feels like I started working on the Family Team and he kept working on the I-Team. Every once in a while I can see that he wants to change teams to make me less angry, but it doesn’t last very long (just until I’m not angry any more) and then he’s back on the I-Team again.

But I guess I’m really on my own I-Team, too…

Aren’t we all?

4 responses to “The I-Team

  1. letlovego says:

    Is there every any discussion between you and LM as to when or IF you two will ever be “together”? I realize that you have biological children in the home still and that maybe you are waiting for your youngest to turn 18 and/or leave. But what about him? He and his wife share no biological children, correct? I just wondered if you guy actually talked about ultimately being “tougher” one day, since I DO believe that you guys are a great team. Just curious.

    • What a lovely thing for you to say!
      Yeah — he has kids, but not with his wife. We’ve talked about it… Kind of… Neither of us will ever get married again. He has told me, on several occasions, that even if we stop fooling around we will be friends forever — but I don’t think I would like and/or want that.
      I don’t think it counts, but I tell him all the time that I wish he was mine 🙂 But lately we seem to be getting a LOT closer. I think it’s because he has finally realized that I’m not a fucked-up man-breaker like all the rest of his exes. His wife seems fine, they just seem to have TOTALLY different interests — like me and my husband. We have joked about swapping my husband for him, though 😉

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