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He Missed Me!

on May 10, 2013

In all of the time we have been together, Loverman has never been the first one to say “I miss you”. I have always been the one to say it first and then he says it back. Never once did I feel like he was just saying it to me because I said it to him… Well, last night he said it to me in a bedtime text; I didn’t even have to say it first!

Heart Divider

I made it to work safe and bowling was great. I kicked butt and won some money.
I missed you. Sorry if I woke you up. You will most likely see me tomorrow.

Yay for bowling! Seeing you would be lovely! And you didn’t wake me up, I was getting ready to go to sleep and dream of you. Have a good night, sexy security man.

You have a good night dreaming of me. I was just talking about us skating on Wednesday. Mmm…!

…and stuff!!! I like how we are together! And I really like dreaming about you, Loverman! Ooh la la…

You’re a good girl. I hope you have a great dream and I will see you tomorrow.

One response to “He Missed Me!

  1. Lucky girl! So nice to have a lover that you actually see. What a bonus!

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