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Save Our Skating Rinks!

on June 5, 2013

Its My Skate NightWorld on Wheels in L.A. will be closing Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 unless they receive 10,000 signatures. Even if you aren’t from/in/around (or don’t even like) California, please sign

this petition

I am not much of an activist and I usually am not the type of person to pass these things on, but I really (REALLY) believe that Roller Skating has a ‘higher power’ influence on the people who skate. The people I skate with are like my family and when I can’t skate it makes me crazy (remember when I was broken?) — some of my skating friends are like that, too.

Imagine if you were one of those people/kids who use this rink as their outlet, where will they go now?!? What will they do when they’re bored? Eat? Play video games? Hang out on the street? Start doing drugs?Thank you

The link for the petition is also in my sidebar, just in case you don’t sign it today and you change your mind after this post has disappeared amongst the rest of my rantings. But, remember there is only 18 more days to get the 10,000 signatures needed, so please tell your family and friends and anyone you know who thinks that they might ever want to roller skate, or have an 80’s-night skate party, or who likes to have a great time…


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