You’ve Been Served! and Gotcha!! — a two-parter

You’ve Been Served! and Gotcha!! — a two-parter

Remember how I was served earlier this year and I had to go to court at the beginning of March and how well it went for me? Well, Mr. Doom-n-Gloom was supposed to go to court this Wednesday morning (yesterday, June 5th) for the hospital bills he incurred last February (2012) during his 2-week visit to the ICU for his self-induced kidney failure brought on by long-term, forever-ignored high blood pressure. (I am pretty sure his motto is: ignore it long enough and it will go away.)

I knew the day would come. And it did — two months ago.
When he was served, I made a note in my calendar so *I* would remember the date and time; apparently Doom-n-Gloom did no such thing (big surprise, eh?).

So, this Tuesday morning, the day before he needed to be in court, I asked Doom-n-Gloom if it would be okay for me to spend the night at my girlfriend’s house (aka: sleep at a hotel with Loverman). You see, I knew he had to be in court the next day but I was waiting to see if HE did, and if he was going to need me to give him a ride (but I didn’t remind him, because I am NOT his mother and I am sick of being expected to be his mother; I am sick of reminding him about all the adult things he needs to do. Don’t adults remember the adult shit they have to do? At least most of the time!? I sure as hell remembered MY court date — it was ingrained in my brain up until that day!… I think his motto is: ignore it long enough and it will go away). He told me I could stay at her house and said nothing about how he had to get to court the next morning — remember, this guy doesn’t have a driver’s license; the courthouse he needed to go to is in bumble-fuck (seriously!) so, if he was going to go, he would require a ride.

Loverman and I were talking about it Wednesday morning after our shower while I was getting ready for work. He told me that he thought I was being too hard on Gloom-n-Doom. He said, “The wife bailed me out when I was arrested for contempt of court.” To which I responded, “How many years ago was that?”

“Ummmm, about five.”

“Do you think she would bail you out now if it happened again?” I asked.

He thought for a second and then answered, “I guess probably not.”

We talked about it for a while longer and he still maintained that I should pay the hospital bill for Doom-n-Gloom and take it out of his weekly ‘allowance’. I disagree — mostly because 75% of his ‘allowance’ buys our groceries and that is the only way Doom-n-Gloom contributes ANYthing to our household. If I do it Loverman’s way, I will start having to pay for the groceries, too, and then what’s the point of even having Doom-n-Gloom around? At least Loverman, even though he doesn’t have much money, pays his bills on time and makes sure that everything around his wife’s house is in working order… Doom-n-Gloom couldn’t even take care of me when I was broken, let alone get the kitchen ready to have our dishwasher repaired!! (That, by the way, took two months. AND WE LIVE IN AN APARTMENT!!! Then, one day, maintenance just showed up and did it because they were sick of waiting for him to return their calls. Boy did that piss him off! But it made me happy because now the dishwasher is fixed…)

Page Divders

And what’s up with IMVU? What the hell is it anyway?!? Doom-n-Gloom left it up on his computer after he went to work Monday night. He didn’t log out or anything, so I sat down at his computer and started checking it out. Check out his page. His Avatar’s name is LacyBrat and he is a 28-year-old bisexual female. Do any of you have an IMVU account so you can tell me WTF it is? Not that I am worried about anything, I am really more curious… And disturbed…

The pictures below are on his page. I found it quite ironic… Especially since 5 days ago I had a talk with him about HIS taking ME for granted and how I can no longer handle his sense of entitlement. I told him that if he didn’t start showing me some gratitude for the fact that I LET him live in my house, he wasn’t going to continue to get to live there much longer!

All he could say in response was, “Why do I need to be grateful to you for things you already have to do for yourself and the kids? You have to pay the rent even if I’m not here, the electric bill, phone, internet, etc…”

That’s messed up, right?!?

Keep looking, baby. It’s sure as hell not me!
Have fun with your pile of stones, Doom-n-Gloom!

I wish he would “practice what he preaches”. Maybe I will print one of them out before this weekend and put it on his bed when he’s not home. “Surprise, Honey! You’ve been discovered! Now, show me some gratitude, b-i-t-c-h!! Because without the internet that I so generously provide for you, you would not be able to do this shit!

What I find even more interesting about this is: a long time ago I used to ask Doom-n-Gloom if he was gay. I always wondered why he was never interested in me sexually or sex, period. All he ever wanted to do was suck a pacifier and wear diapers, and masturbate to women sucking pacifiers and wearing diapers (oddly enough he never asked me if *I* would do that for him… Maybe he knew I wouldn’t?). I guess what I should have been asking him was, “Are you a fetishist?” I don’t care that he’s into baby-stuff, I just wish that he had told me BEFORE HE MARRIED ME that he wanted to act like and be a baby for the entire rest of his lifetime! And I wish that I hadn’t been so blind not to see it (or so ready rebel against my parents)!

I am not angry with Doom-n-Gloom, I am more disappointed with myself for letting him take me for granted so long, because now he feels (and acts) entitled and he is completely unable to care for anyone, including himself! I am no longer upset about his fetish(es?) because I don’t want to have sex with him any more. In fact, I don’t even want him to see my naked body any more!


3 thoughts on “You’ve Been Served! and Gotcha!! — a two-parter

    1. Thanks for the validation, sometimes I really wonder if it’s me and my uber-conservative upbringing.

      I found out that it’s a SIMS-alike kind of thing. You create your character and then you go around in chat rooms and you can buy clothes, etc… I kind of want to know more, but I kind of think that I am better off knowing less.

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