Why do some guys think that girls want to see a picture of their dick? When they send it to our phones, do they just expect us to drop everything and cum running, all the while shedding our clothes in a frenzy to ascend Mt. Pole?

A picture isn’t going to show me that he knows how to use the damn thing, is it? It’s just showing me that he can get an erection. And, what if that isn’t even his penis!?! Disappointed!

Should I want him more because he has a picture of his schlong (or someone else’s?) stored in his phone ? And, if he is going to send it to me (after telling me how monstrous it is), maybe he should put something else in the picture for scale 😉 If it’s just a dick and nothing else, I really have nothing to compare it to… Maybe hold it up next to a ruler or something so I can totally grasp the immensity (intensity) of it…

Is one dude’s penis really that much more special than some other dude’s penis? I mean, I personally like the bent ones, but I have had a couple pretty awesome straight ones, too (not at the same time; don’t even want to try that one!)!

I know that men are visually stimulated. I get it. But women (for the most part) are not. In exchange for your unsolicited peter-pic, you will not be getting a picture of my twat or my boobies or me in my sexy negligee! The only way you get to see that is in REAL LIFE — and your name must be Loverman. I don’t need that shit showing up on some big screen somewhere when I’m with my kids! “Mom, have you been sexting your underwear pics again? I thought we told you to stop that!”

Personally, I would be more aroused if I got a picture of a clean sink… Maybe a picture of what he’s going to make me for dinner or what he’s going to wear on our date… Perhaps, a photo of our boudoir with the bedsheets pulled back, rose petals scattered all around, candles lit… Or a drawn bath — along with the words “Look what I have waiting for you when you get home. Also, there’s a package here I need you to unwrap!”

You get the ‘picture’, right?

Candle_lit_bath_by_Le_Chat_d_ombreHave any of you men out there sent peter-pics to a girl that you wanted to WOW!? Did it work? Has your girlfriend/wife ever asked you to send her a picture of your love muscle?

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2 thoughts on “Peter-Pics

  1. Lol…the male mind thinks we are like them. Unsolicited pussy pics will bring them panting to your doorstep…..

    Really though, if Im into the guy and have had sex with them already a dick pic or video can be a turn on, especially when I know it’s all hard for me. Sometimes seeing it beforehand can be helpful too, if we are planning on meeting up but it’s not the FIRST thing I want to see.

    Poor guys, we are so confusing to them. I think it’s just hard for them to understand all the complexities. They are like dammit, do you want to see my dick or not?? And of course if you are fucking him he wants to know you love it so he thinks this is a good bait…pull out the worm and dangle it before us…lmao

    1. That’s so funny — I don’t think my pussy is very pretty at all? Definitely not sharing that…
      You’re right about the mixed signals, but I really only want to a picture of your dick if I’ve already met him 😉
      and, yes, it just makes it better to know that it’s hard for me!

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