Do You Have a Doomsday Plan?

Do You Have a Doomsday Plan?

UFOsI don’t think I have ever mentioned it (I thought about it a couple of times…), but I am furiously worried that, if (when) the world comes to an end, I will have to spend my last breathing moments with Mr. Doom-n-Gloom.

I would really rather have some kind of plan where Loverman (and Thing #1 and Thing #2 if they want to come with us, but they’re pretty much grown-up and might want to have their own “plan”s) would meet up somewhere to fight/escape the zombies/aliens/terrorists (you get it, right?).

The other night I found out that Loverman thinks we should have a “Doomsday Plan”, too.

There have been times in the past when I’ve wanted to ask him if we could have an end-of-the-world-type-plan, but I was afraid that he would think I was bat-shit insane so I just kept quiet about it. Now it turns out that he is bat-shit insane, too! (YAY!! I knew there was a reason why I liked him so much!)

So, in case any of you are (crazy like me) also worried about preparing yourselves and families for “the end”, I thought I would give you some good zombie-proofing ideas to get started on this weekend (it makes me sad to think I only live in an apartment and Loverman’s wife is the one who owns their home). Please feel free to share any of your ideas with me and we could collaborate. Maybe, in the end (no pun intended), we can meet up somewhere in the middle 😉

Our Roller Skates will probably come in handy, but it looks like I will have to have to start saving up to buy the jet packs and robotic sheep!
And, remember, there is no known cure for Zombie Infection so, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!


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