“Dude, Do You Know Where I Can Score Some Herb?”

“Dude, Do You Know Where I Can Score Some Herb?”

Tuesday night we had so much fun!

Every once in a while Loverman gets some free room coupons for the casinos up in Blackhawk. This summer they were especially generous, so Loverman and I have been going up there for our Tuesday night dates (sleep-overs) for the past 7 weeks or so.

We are both comfortable creatures of habit, so usually we do the same things each time we go up:

  • check in to our room
  • go to a bar and have a couple of drinks (we tip very well because the drinks are free!)
  • stop at a deli/restaurant and pick up some dinner
  • return to our room to eat, watch a movie and knock some boots
  • wake up at the ass-crack of dawn for some sex in the morning and then scramble to shower and get me to work on time

There is one casino bar we prefer to go to because of the atmosphere, but recently, because we have been going on the same day each week, we’ve had the pleasure of being served by the same bartender each time (he’s adorably cute! Even Loverman says so). It turns out that if you tip well, your bartender will remember who you are and what you drink (and pour quite generously) even if you’ve only been to their bar one time before (except Loverman and I seem to be quite memorable — something I will have to address in a different post soon because it’s very strange — maybe that‘s why he remembered us. Anyway…).

I would like to take this opportunity to say: there must be something about a normally-dressed black man (t-shirt and jeans/slacks) with a professionally-dressed (not like a prostitute — at least most of the time) white woman that says, “Please ask me if I will sell you drugs”. It happens to us at least once a year.

*I* think that when we’re out we just look like a cute mixed couple, but somehow *everyone else* sees him as the pimp me as his ‘ho.Smoking Weed

After the cute bartender that works Tuesdays served us our second round, a gentleman in his late 40s approached Loverman, leaned over and said (not even quietly), “Dude, could you score me some herb?”

They always as him, but they never ask me.

Loverman: “Ummm. No.”

The man said “Okay, thanks” and walked away.

Me: “Did that guy just ask if you would sell him some weed?”

Loverman (giggling and shaking his head): “Yep. Why is it always us?”

Me: “I am just as shocked as you are… You know… He would have asked me…” and I winked at him.

Loverman got a dumbstruck look on his face and asked me, “You have some with you?!?!”

Me: “Ummm. No. But I’m the one they should be asking if they actually want some.” 😉

We talked about it for a few minutes more, laughing hysterically the entire time. After we settled down, we ordered another round of drinks and continued playing Deuces Wild Spin Poker. After a while, Loverman won back the $15 we had lost on some stupid slot machine that didn’t make any sense and we were finishing up our last round of drinks before leaving. A waitress came up to the bar to pick up her drinks and he says to me, “Wow. She is really poppin’ that uniform! Check it out!” (In case you don’t get it, “poppin” means, see below!)

Waitress Sona
by ~dutomaster on deviantart

Me: “Yeah, that shirt looks pretty tight. But, you know they’re not real, right?”

Loverman: “Yeah. I pretty much think they are. Do you think she would mind if I went up and asked her?” (he was just joking… Remember, we’ve been drinking…)

Me: “Probably. But you would probably have more luck if you told her that you and your girlfriend had a bet about it so you wanted to know. She would probably be more cool with that. Or, better yet, you could just ask the cute, nice bartender man. He would probably tell you.”

As luck would have it, Rick (cute nice bartender man) was just turning the corner so Loverman caught his attention, “Hey, Rick, can I ask you a question?”

Rick: “You can.”

Loverman: “That waitress over there… Are those real?”

Rick (very amused): “Uh, NO! Definitely not!”

Me (pretty tipsy and clapping because I was right): “See! I told you!!”

Rick to Loverman: “You should have winked or something so I knew it was a bet. I’m sorry, man.”

Fake BreastsLoverman: “That’s okay, man. I should have known she was right!”

Me: “Yeah, you should, because that’s just something that girls know.” Then I gave him a demonstration of how real boobs look. Even when they’re pushed up as far as they go, you still don’t get that curvy line at the top — that’s something that you only have when they’re new. We had a good laugh along with Rick, finished our drinks and returned to our room.

Every time we’re together it’s like a new adventure!


9 thoughts on ““Dude, Do You Know Where I Can Score Some Herb?”

  1. I think it’s funny that LM got asked about weed! I’m not sure if you knew it, but my MM was also black. He is actually half white and half black, but looks black (his Dad was really dark), and pretty much relates as, and carries himself that way. Anyway, he DOES smoke, and most of his friends that I met, also did/do. I just kind of think that b/c of the whole hip-hop/athlete culture/stereotype…. that people assume that ALL black guys smoke weed. Even nicely dressed ones. Being white, and having been a bit of a “hippy” (wannabe) in college, I could probably pick out a white guy that I thought might have some. But honestly, I would likely STILL go for the black dude, to ask. I don’t mean that in a negative or stereotypical way either. It is just what I KNOW, having been around MM for so long, and watching him with his friends, etc…It IS kind of funny though.

    And of COURSE you knew the boobs were fake! LOL! I think we always know. I am one of maybe a handful women in my neighborhood, who doesn’t have fake boobs. Of those that don’t have boobs, they got tummy tucks after their last kid instead. So really, I’m one of the only “natural” ones left! And good for them, if that’s what makes them feel better about themselves….again, not judging. I just never wanted to deal with the maintenance of big boobs and cleavage. I prefer my “waif-ish”/thin look, really. At least in this day and age, it’s different! (and I can wear little tanks, with no bra and sleep on my stomach! LOL!)

    Glad you guys had such a good time. Makes me miss my MM, but know I did the right thing, for me. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think we’re a great couple, too…
      But, right now I’m just thankful that we can have a “regular” date night. As you know from my lonely posts, it doesn’t always work that way — we haven’t gotten to skate together without my daughter for about 4 months, I miss that! For the last few weeks I’ve just been very lucky. And we’ve been tag-teaming with my truck because his is a piece of shit.

      It doesn’t hurt that neither of our spouses give a flying fuck what we do. I know his step-son and he knows my daughters — right now he’s helping me teach Thing #1 to drive because the husband doesn’t have his stupid license.

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