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Saturday’s Disagreement

on August 26, 2013

Last weekend was long, but not in a good way!

Loverman and I had a “disagreement” Saturday morning (I choose that word intentionally because it wasn’t really a fight or an argument). We pretty much agreed to disagree, but I didn’t have any good feelings about it.

  • He wanted to walk 50+ blocks (no shit!) to his friend’s house after he hadn’t slept in over 24 hours and just worked an 8-hour security patrol shift (walking!).
  • I wanted to drive him to his friend’s house: it would only take 30-40 minutes round trip.

Here’s the deal:

As you may or may not know, Loverman has been using my truck (Bear) 3-4 days a week because his truck (Broken) is going to be repo’d any day now and it drinks gas like the tank has a leak or something! Most of the time it’s just cheaper and easier to use Bear.

Friday night I stayed at home and he drove Bear into work (he works 3rd shift). When he was done with work the next morning he was supposed to come and get me and then I would bring him to his friend’s house so he could get some sleep and we could run our errands — Saturday mornings I take Mr. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 to the grocery store for the weekly shopping and they like to leave kind of early to avoid the crazy crowds.

Loverman texted me at 6:45 Saturday morning to ask if he could go home quick to take a shower and I replied, “Yeah”.

It takes him 15 minutes to get to his house from work and then 20 minutes to get to my house from there so I figured he would get to my house in about an hour or so. No big deal.

Anyone who knows me (including Loverman) knows that if you really want to piss me off, make me wait. Time slugs along for me and I get more and more agitated as the minutes click by. I expected that Loverman would be to my house at about 7:45, but I didn’t get his “I’m leaving now” text until 7:50! Knowing that it takes 20 minutes to get to my place from his, I recalculated… Okay, 8:10 now…

Both Mr. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 were awake at this point and chomping at the bit to go to the store.

I could detail it all out for you, but I think you get the picture — Loverman didn’t get to my apartment until 8:30. I had been sitting and, unsuccessfully, trying to wait patiently, but was starting to seethe and I really wanted to holler at someone (Loverman).

When he finally got there, I didn’t yell at him like I wanted to. I just got into the passenger seat of my truck and (didn’t slam the door — yay!) said, “We better get going. It’s getting late.”

I must not have said it the way I meant to because Loverman asked, “What’s wrong?” (that, or I had the “death glare” goin’ on)

Me: “I thought you would take less time than you did. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 are already up and anxious to get going.”

Loverman: “I didn’t take that long!”

Me: “You took almost two hours. I didn’t think it would be that long when you texted me, ‘See you in a few minutes’. I thought you understood I needed the truck this morning for our errands.”

Loverman got out of the driver’s seat and started getting his bag out of the back seat — I think he huffed at me, too, but I may have imagined that because I was angry.

At this point, I should have just let him go because he already had his mind set, but I really didn’t want to be the one responsible for “making” him walk 50+ blocks, etc… so I grabbed his bag and said, “Please don’t be like this. Why can’t you just let me bring you there? It’s only another 20 minutes or so.”

He was already walking away from me without his stuff; completely ignoring me. I ran to him and touched his shoulder, “Please don’t do this. I wish you would just get in the car and let me drive you. I will feel like shit all weekend if you stay like this.” (the guilt tactic did not work)

Loverman walked back to the truck with me, grabbed his bag and said, “Why should you feel like shit? You need to go and be with your family today. I’ll walk. I’m good.” (I still can’t tell if there was resentment in his tone or if I was just hearing it because I was so frustrated with him). Then he turned away from me and started his long-ass, lonely walk.

Like a teenager (because sometimes I want to act like one, too, dammit!!!) I slammed the truck door and went in to tell ‘my family’ that we could go now — the entire time trying to stop the tears from creeping out of my eyes. Of course they wanted to know what was wrong, so I just told them that Loverman and I had a disagreement about taking him ‘home’ and that he decided to walk. Both Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 said we could just go pick him up and bring him the rest of the way. I told them that there had already been a big enough ‘production’ and that Loverman had made up his mind.

The three of us went on and did our grocery shopping and errands. I didn’t want things to end on such a sour note with Loverman so, while Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 were in one of the stores, I called him totally not expecting him to answer (that’s the way it usually works with him: he gets frustrated with me and then completely shuts me out until he’s ready to be an adult again). He actually answered this time!

Me: “I was just calling to see if we could have the conversation we would have had if things hadn’t gone so wrong this morning. Was it busy last night at work? Did you get a nap before you had to go in? Did you eat?”

Loverman: “It was quiet last night and, no, I didn’t get a chance to take a nap, but I did eat.” He said that he was going to try to go back downtown to pick up his truck so he could make a payment on it and then go to the junkyard.

I asked him how he was going to get there — from 132nd St. to south of 1st St. — he said he would figure it out.

I told him that he could ask me for a ride if he needed it, I didn’t have afternoon plans.

There was dead silence.

I said, “You’re sick of asking me for help, aren’t you?”

Loverman’s response: “Yes. I am.”

We talked awkwardly for about 15 minutes longer. Neither of us apologized for our behavior. I asked him to let me know when he got to his friend’s house safe and later when he got to work safe and then we said our goodbyes.

I waited all weekend for him to tell me he was fine. He never texted me. It kills me when I think about it: how he can feel so comfortable ignoring me when he knows how much I worry about him (just as much as he fucking worries about me! Why are the ‘rules’ different for him?). But I made it through the whole weekend without obsessing on his whereabouts and whether he was safe because I figured he made his bed… He crossed my mind a few times and I will confess, most of those times, I wished total and utter misery on his lonesome soul. But I practiced self-control and didn’t ‘bother’ him all weekend long.

This morning I had to go to the clinic to get blood drawn and when I finally made it to work I still hadn’t heard from him. I text him every day when I get to work and every day when I get home from work — he asked that I do that favor for him so he knows I’m safe. Usually he asks about me if I don’t text him by 8:30 in the morning, but he didn’t this morning. So, I thought about ignoring him like he ignored me all weekend. The whole time I was waiting at the clinic I was tossed the idea around in my head, and then during the 45-minute drive into work (not obsessively, more fantasizingly). Ultimately I decided to be the better person and just tell him that I made it to work.

My text: “Safe at work. Had to go to the clinic to get blood drawn. Have a good day.”

Loverman’s response: “Glad you got to work safe.”

Not what I wanted or expected, but at least now I know he’s alive.

4 responses to “Saturday’s Disagreement

  1. He lost the argument for me when you said “he wanted me to walk 50 blocks.” HELLO?!?

    • Sorry. I should clarify that: he dropped me off and he wanted to walk the 50 extra blocks himself. Loverman would never in a million years ask me to walk that far! He wouldn’t even let me if I wanted to!

      But, he’s a man…. And I guess he thinks that he has to prove something to himself… (because, goodness knows, he doesn’t have to prove anything to me!) And when he sets his mind, he’s VERY stubborn — it just doesn’t happen very often… and he’s starting to feel quite powerless in his life, so I am just backing off and giving him space…

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  3. […] Saturday’s Disagreement […]

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