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Clean Bill of Health

on August 30, 2013

My appointment went super good this morning. The doctor was really cool, which was refreshing after the initial frustration. They took all the blood I asked them to take and all the test results were AWESOME! My new doctor told me that I have nothing to worry about at all — my results were all perfect! Well within normal parameters. Whew!

She did a breast exam and everything was normal. Also, she told me that they don’t usually do a mammogram this early because the breast tissue is still so dense — sometimes there can be clusters of cells that look like it could be cancer, so patients have to come back for tissue samples, and most of those results come back benign. I am not at risk, so she said she will talk to me about it again in a couple of years instead of running me through that maze — that’s absolutely fine with me.

My fasting blood sugar was 90 — she said for my age that number is perfect, too. We discussed diabetes and my diet. She told me that if I continue with my current physical activity and eating habits, I shouldn’t have to worry too much about it — just be cognizant of what I put into my body.

My cholesterol was completely perfect! 🙂

As for peri-menopause, she said that until I start showing more active symptoms there is nothing she can really do about it. I am still regular like clockwork — the only real symptom I seem to have is being more emotional, but I have always been pretty emotional (it’s hard to tell if it’s worse or the same. Some days it’s both?). She told me some things that I could take to help the hot-flashes and night sweats if I think they are getting too difficult to handle: black cohosh, a soy supplement, dark green veggies, vitamin E and Ginseng root. To keep my estrogen levels up, I should make sure to eat at least two real eggs a week (with the yolks) and keep having my soy milk every day (which will also continue to help with my blood sugar and calcium).

All my other blood tests were good, too: Vitamin D, calcium, sodium, potassium… And my thyroid panel came back at the low end of normal.

Hopefully the rest of my day will go as well as my appointment did. It looks like it’s going to be busy so at least it should go fast — and it’s almost noon already because I got in late…

Have a great weekend!


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