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The Way Bear Sees It

on September 17, 2013

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.

(From the perspective of my awesome truck, Bear. I love him so much and he takes such wonderful care of me.)

Not my Bear, but close!

Here comes Momma Bear! Good morning, Momma!

It must be time to bring her to work. It’s so sweet the way she talks to me every time she comes to get me. “Hey, Boo Bear!” she says in her cheerful way. “How much are you going to need this morning, Buddy?”

My door gets unlocked and opened, then Pop! goes my hood as Mom pulls the lever inside. She climbs into the back seat to get the bright blue plastic jug with the thirst-quenching, heart-cooling water she calls ‘antifreeze’.

Sometimes I wish I could just tell her how thirsty I am. That darn leak under my hood has really gotten worse in the last few weeks and I hope she fixes me soon. It really bothers me when I can’t take care of her the way I need to. I know that she doesn’t mind — I usually work really hard for her — but I don’t ever want to let her down. Momma Bear takes very good care of me and she needs me. I know how disappointed she would be if I couldn’t take her to the places she needs to go, but she will never say it.

She walks back around to my front to open my mouth the rest of the way and prop it open. Her slender fingers gently unscrew the cap from my nose and, a few seconds later, I can feel the sweet sensation of that slimy, green water oozing into me. Ahhhh, that feels so nice! I guess I was pretty thirsty, huh?

“Wow! You were really thirsty this morning, Bear! It’s not long now. Papa Bear is going to replace your water pump tomorrow and you will feel much better in no time at all. I know you’re getting old, Bud, and I really appreciate all that you do for me. He’s even going to give you an oil change because I know you’ve been asking for it.”

Whew! That’s a relief! Even though I can’t use words with Mom, she always seems to understand the noises I make for her. The last couple of weeks I have been tapping a little louder to remind her that it’s time for my regularly-scheduled oil change. I overheard her tell Papa a few days ago that she knows I’ve been asking for one. I’m a little disappointed to hear that Papa will be doing it this time, but he takes really good care of me, too.

I hear from under the hood, “Everything else looks good, Bear. You’re such a good boy.” Then she closes my mouth with a little slam and affectionately runs her hand across my hood as she walks around me to open my door and get in. The key is turning in my ignition now and I can feel the power surge into my heart, my motor, my lungs. “RRRROOOOAAAARRRR!” is all I can say, but I say it loud and proud and Mom loves it every single time I say it to her.

“Yes, baby, I love you, too,” I hear her say from inside of me. Her foot is on my clutch and I am shifted into reverse. The gas surges through my veins and I am ready.

Ready to take my Mom wherever she wants to go!

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8 responses to “The Way Bear Sees It

  1. love! 🙂 i don’t think beau, our Subaru, is quite as fond of us after everything we’ve put it through, but hopefully he still loves us one way or another.

    • Thank you. And it’s nice to hear that there are other people out there who name their vehicles :O) I love it!!!

      Subarus are awesome!! I’m sure he loves you more than you realize — those guys are built for longevity.

  2. says:

    1st time I heard of a car being called a bear ! Interesting!

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