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Sk8-Venture: Day 2 (So Much Better)

on November 4, 2013

First I would like to quantify my seemingly over-dramatic Saturday morning post. I was reading it this morning and thought that maybe I sounded a little bit juvenile, but then I thought: this is my journal, my public journal. This is what I would have written if I had been writing to myself; writing has always helped slow down my thoughts.

That being said…

I woke Loverman up for breakfast at almost 10:30 on Saturday morning.

After the previous night’s debacle, we fell asleep at about 1:30. I am extremely grateful I was able to crawl into bed with him and, even though that didn’t make things all better, it sure helped (also, writing Saturday’s post while he was asleep was very cathartic).

He slept like a rock all night. It was good to see him sleep like that. I am always glad when he lets me take care of him — it doesn’t happen very often and it feels so nice when he lets me do it, mostly because eventually he reciprocates and it’s so beautiful. Also, his deep sleep allowed me to work out my extreme frustration with the entire previous day and start the brand new day. I took a short walk, but I didn’t want to go too far because I didn’t know the neighborhood and didn’t want to take any chances.

Start Anew

The fresh air (it was a gorgeous morning) and the writing were therapeutic. I woke him up and we went downstairs and ate breakfast. Both of us were famished. I didn’t realize how famished until I started eating! But, I filled up really fast and then ate a little bit extra because I didn’t want to be hungry again right away. They even had fresh fruit! Cantaloupe and honeydew...

When  we got back to the room I laid down to take a nap. I was up early that morning and was actually pretty tired.

I don’t know how long I was asleep before Loverman totally jumped on me and started tickling me relentlessly! I was laying on my stomach — whenever I’m laying like that he attacks me. I love waking up to a soft back rub and a little poke-poke! But this time there was only tickling and he kept saying over and over, “Why don’t you get your book?” I don’t know if I was still sleeping and dreaming that or if he was really saying it because I kept saying, “What are you talking about?” and he just kept answering, “Why don’t you get your book?” It was the one of the surreal-est conversations I have ever had. Finally he said, “You were making noise in your sleep so I thought you wanted your book or something.”

Still had no clue what was going on, but he was still tickling me (I’m sure he was flirting, but I still didn’t understand what he was talking about… I was just waking up from what seemed like a very short nap!) and had worked his hands up underneath the back of my shirt and unhooked my bra. I was giggling as he pulled up the back of my shirt and started kissing my back, tickling me with his mustache. I tried to roll over, but he had me pinned totally. He took off his shirt and rolled me over so he could take mine off, too. I sat up, facing him, and he kissed me before he raised my shirt over my shoulders and finished removing my bra.

Sexy UnderwearHe stood up next to the bed and made a ceremony of taking off his pants. As they slid down and he took them off, leg by leg, I was mesmerized by his erection practically waving at me beneath his blue Jockeys. After he removed those, he climbed over the top of me to the other side of the bed.

I rolled over to face him and kissed him while I slipped my hand underneath the covers and grabbed his stiffness and squeezed. He moaned quietly and I burrowed under the sheets to kiss and nibble and have my way with him.

After our exquisite make-up sex, he laid next to me on his back and I rested my head on his shoulder. Almost immediately we were asleep. He slept 2 hours and I was relieved that he was getting another nap! Obviously he needed it. I slept for about an hour then got up, switched beds and started playing Chuzzle on my computer until he started to stir.

I changed beds to be next to him as he woke up, my naked back facing him while I watched whatever was on TV. He loves my back. He tells me all the time that my back has the perfect curves and has even taken pictures before to show me… He started caressing me, pausing briefly on the largest of the 44 moles as he counted them leisurely. When he finished he sat up and kissed me sweetly all over my back. It gave me goosebumps as I sat there, naked and vulnerable before him. I roller over and climbed on top of him and made love to him all over again. (I thought it would help give me a glow of self-confidence before I went to meet and hang out with complete strangers.)

It was beautiful love after complete frustration the night before. And I glowed for the rest of the night 😉

There was a bowling activity scheduled from 1:30 to 5PM. Loverman said that he kind of wanted to go. When we finally got out of bed at about 3:30, we thought there would still be time to get there and bowl one or two games. We Mapquested it and the freaking bowling alley was almost 20 miles away! There was also a skating-in-the-park event planned for after the bowling. We looked that up, too. Another 20 miles away and completely on the other side of town! I couldn’t believe how gigantic Kansas City is! I never considered myself a small-town girl… Maybe I am…

Anyways, that was all so inconvenient we decided to go to the Ameristar Casino that was only two miles away instead. There were a bunch of restaurants and our tummies were rumbling again.

I started getting ready to go and Loverman said, “Babe, what you’re wearing is fine. Why are you changing?”

“Because I brought nice clothes for a date and I wanted to look good for you.”

“Well, Mamacita, then you just go ahead and change!”

I did and, as soon as I finished (it usually only takes me about 10 minutes, this time was no different), I was rewarded with a very sexy quickie. He just tossed me over, threw up my skirt, tore down my panties, bent me over and penetrated me until we were both shuddering in ecstasy! Mmmmm…..


We got to the casino around 5:30, ate Sbarro and then went in to have a free drink while we slowly lost $30 at the poker machines.

It turns out that not all Ameristars are the same. At the one we go to in Colorado, the drinks are complimentary as long as you are gambling. Apparently not in Kansas City! While I was breaking a $5 bill so we could tip the bartender, Loverman ordered us our typical Patron shots. When I got back he handed me $7 in change and said, “I think we’ll only be having one drink tonight. Those shots were $13.” OMG! I had no idea!!

Something else that we knew nothing about: you can smoke inside casinos in Kansas City, MO (apparently only 5% of the population does NOT smoke. I quit completely last year and now the smell drives me crazy. Loverman has asthma and it irritates his lungs)! Gross! Even the nonsmoking section (whose stupid idea was it to but the NON-smoking section UPstairs!?!) smelled like an ashtray’s armpit! We were under the impression that there was no longer any smoking allowed indoors anywhere in the US. Did I say it was gross? The smell was so thick that when we left and were sitting in his truck, my hair smelled like I had smoked 2 packs myself! Yuck!

When we got back to our room after that it was almost 10 o’clock and I needed to get some more rest before we stayed up all night roller skating. I set my alarm and turned out my light. It wasn’t long before we were snuggled together in slumberland again.

The alarm rang at 11:30 and it took about 10 minutes to actually wake Loverman up. The last time we had fallen asleep, both of our bodies told us that it was actual bedtime and we had to seriously fight the cobwebs in our brains to get up and going.

I am glad that we gave it another skating try. The DJ Saturday night was a million times better.

In the end we found out that there were about 400 people that bought tickets for Saturday night. It was crazy, but I didn’t think it was that crazy. Everyone there was a wonderful skater and it was great to watch some of the fun things that you can actually do on a pair of roller skates.

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    Sounds like you’re having a great time, hope you will continue to have this!

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