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I Got a New Toy

on November 19, 2013

Now that I have your attention…

I guess it’s probably not really a toy, it’s for work, but I am super-excited they finally let me have it!

I now have Microsoft Access 2013 installed on my work computer!


I  know, huh!?!? Super cool!! I’ll bet you wish you were just like me, dontcha!?

Since I started here last July I have been asking for it. Boss-lady was cool with it, but the CFO said that he could see no need for another database-type-software when the one we are currently using seems to work just fine. Well… It doesn’t. There is no way to track the agents’ sales and commission contributions to the company in the current database, and Excel is getting a little out of control with the amount of data I want to track. So, finally, right before our sk8-venture, the CFO approved the purchase and installation of Microsoft Access 2013 on my work computer.

Yesterday, after I got all my work done, it was installed. So, I might be a little less post-y than normal while I am building my new database, but please don’t take it personally 🙂 It’s just because I am finally getting to do some work around here 😉

I shouldn’t say that… I might jinx myself 😉 and I have been pretty busy at work the last few weeks… Thankfully the preliminary budgets are due this Friday so, for a little while, that craziness will temporarily be off my plate. But then there will be final budgets…

Pony Meme Graph

The world would be a better place if all budget graphs had flying pony memes…

Also, as you might know from a very old post, I am responsible for the Facebook statuses and blog posts and basic maintenance of our website here at work. I must admit that I really suck at the blogging part because I have no idea what to write about. Real Estate just isn’t my thing, but as you all can see, I am able to create fairly decent and articulate blog posts… Just not about real estate… Thank goodness that our Corporate Marketing Department in Atlanta is starting to provide me with blog content. Now I just have to build what they give me and publish it, not fake interest and write a well-thought-out post. Whew!

Facebook isn’t as hard to maintain, but Corporate Marketing started doing that, too. I can still post statuses and such, but why waste my time if someone else is already doing it? However, recently I have started to think that my Facebook posts were more relevant to home-ownership/sales (in Denver) than anything our marketing department has put up there since they started about a month ago. (If any of you have ideas, I am open 🙂 …)

I am not a computer/IT person. I know more than your average lay-person, but I still don’t consider myself to be a whiz. The only programming thing I want to deal with at work is Microsoft Access, the rest I just got roped into because I am good at faking my way through…

Sometimes I wish my parents had led me down a different path when they saw me trying to program games on our old Commodore 64 (for the low, low price of $499 you can hook yourself up with 64k of memory!). Those were good times…

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2 responses to “I Got a New Toy

  1. OMG! How did I not know you are a geekgirl just like me!?! 😉 Um though I’m not as technically inclined as to program, for that I bow to you 😊

    • No need to bow, although I am totally flattered that you would say that. In the last few months it has been fascinating to discover so many new bloggers with so many similar interests (and zodiac signs – LOL!). The first year I was out there wasn’t nearly as much fun!

      I am sad to say that I have completely neglected my database. I really started off well, but my interest kind of faded. As I age, I have less and less drive to get any work done. Most times, I would rather be outside doing something. But, I have the reports built that Boss-Lady wants and I have (mostly) the ability to add more when I need to.

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