Happy Gifting Season!

Happy Gifting Season!

Christmas Tree by Love1008 on DeviantArt
Christmas Tree
by Love1008 on DeviantArt

Happy Friday, everyone! We are officially another week closer to Christmas. This weekend I will be making peanut brittle for my father and Monday I will be shipping off the box to MN with everyone’s stuff, hoping that it will get there on time. My mom is getting some shower gel and a gift card for Massage Envy and my brother’s family is getting a $100 gift certificate to spend on seafood.

My far-away family is super easy to shop for. Partly because they are far away and partly because none of us really try. I am not saying that to be mean, I am just saying it because it’s true. My mother is the one to shop for family gifts and she tends to buy “baby” gifts for my adult-like daughters and she always buys clothing for me that she gets from “Abdul the tent-maker” (I am not so very overweight as that, but in her mind I must be so huge she can’t even guess what to give me. Ummmm, let’s just stop with the clothes then and get me some jewelery, okay? I just got my nose pierced this year for my birthday… My toe ring broke 3 weeks ago…). My brother usually sends us all a family-type gift card for dinner out or something like that — usually to a restaurant I have told him that I DO NOT like, so that gift ends up getting sold on E-bay.

When it comes to Mr. Doom-n-Gloom‘s family, I leave that up to him. He never really gets them anything. He doesn’t have a credit card or even a bank account so everything he buys has to be in cash. No online shopping for him (which is where I have been doing ALL my shopping). Also, he doesn’t have a driver’s license so it’s not like he can actually go shopping anywhere (lord knows why he can’t take the freaking bus! and the post office is only 3 blocks away!).

You get it, right?

Good, because I don’t really know what I’m trying to say. Hopefully you weren’t reading this post for some kind of inspiration or plot or anything…

Conversely, when it comes to my daughters, I love getting them presents!!! Especially when I can afford to. And I am usually pretty good at it, if I can say so myself! What’s really great is that, this year, our employer gave us a very generous bonus. One that has allowed me to go completely ape-shit crazy (relatively speaking) with presents!

I am pretty obsessed with fairness when it comes to my girls, so I tried very hard to make sure that this list is as equal as humanly possible. I think I have achieved success, but it can be challenging because they are so different and I have more things in common with one than the other…

Either way I know that both of them will be happy with what I got them because it came from my heart with the bestest of intentions. Let me try and break it down for you…

Thing #2 is getting:

  • A pair of Women’s combat boots (very goth-chic)
  • Leather  winter boots (so she doesn’t have to wear the combat boots all the time)
  • New winter jacket
  • Cute animal-of-the-day socks
  • Awesome slippers
  • Stretchy fleece leggings
  • Smelly stuff from Bath & Body

Thing #1 is getting:

  • Gift certificate for 2 hours of tattoo art
  • Winter Boots (fashionable)
  • Professional dressy work socks
  • Sweet headphones for her MP3 player (for listening on the bus)
  • Cute Denver Broncos Santa Hat
  • Awesome Slippers
  • Stretchy fleece leggings
  • Smelly stuff from Bath & Body

I even got them gifts to give me (even Doom-n-Gloom):

  • Two pairs of boots
  • Gift certificate for 2 hours of tattoo art
  • Cute Denver Broncos Santa Hat
  • Red sparkly Jennifer Lopez sweater
  • Smelly stuff from Bath & Body

Family gifts from Santa are:

  • Wii Fit
  • Rechargeable AA batteries
  • Gift certificate for $100 of seafood (same one I got my brother, I thought it looked way to yummy to pass up!)

Lastly and leastly there is Mr. Doom-n-Gloom:

  • shirt.woot.com t-shirt desgined by Wil Wheaton (I had already ordered it when he told me he wanted it. Mwahahahahaha!!!)
  • Pair of Keen hiking boots (his favorite brand)
  • Smelly man-stuff from Bath & Body
  • I will also give both the girls some money and take them to the mall to buy him stuff like I did last year

Loverman’s presents are different. I haven’t gotten them yet, except for some smelly man-lotion from Bath & Body 😉 . He needs a new computer and I was thinking about getting him one, but that’s a lot of money and I don’t think he would go for it. Usually I end up getting us a really nice hotel stay on Groupon or something like that and take him out for a “fancy” dinner (I guess I am taking him to the office holiday party this Saturday, that’s kind of a gift, right!)… And I will probably get him that remote-control vibrating butterfly we saw at the Adult Superstore… But that’s more like a gift for me…

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