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Last Night’s “Good Night” Texts

on January 7, 2014

Loverman is so sweet:Cold Cold Hearts

I’ve been here at work and safe. I blank you (because we don’t say “love”, we just say “blank”) so much because I know you better and that makes me better. We had this guy that had a seizure at work last Friday…

…His roommate stated that he is in ICU and not looking good. He also had a stroke. I looked at the video and did not like what I saw. No quick response…

…from Security staff or Event service staff. I’m mad at our team for not responding quickly to the scene. He is a nice guy and I hope he will pull out of it…

…It truly made me think of you. Hope you have a good night, sweetie!

I occasionally have seizures. I have mentioned it here a few times. It’s not epilepsy because I started having them when I was an adult. It’s been over 3 years since I had my last seizure and I think I’m done. Doctors, 4 different Neurologists, ran all sorts of tests on me and none of them could figure out what was causing them.

Well… I stopped doing meth 6 years ago and I had all my rotten teeth removed two years ago… *I* think that it was all the bad shit I was putting into my body that was causing the seizures (rotten teeth counts as bad shit)!

Long story short… Loverman was the one that was there for me for my last two seizures, so this is a subject that hits kind of close to home for him.

The first time he ever experienced a seizure, he was laying in bed next to me. We were asleep and he says I started rusting around in the bed and then I just started convulsing. There was nothing he could do but wait and be scared (because what was he going to tell people?!? We’re having a freaking affair!). He woke me up when it was over and told me what had happened. I argued with him because I didn’t “feel” like I had a seizure — 2 hours later my tongue started swelling up in my mouth and I could barely talk. That’s when I started believing what he told me… but I didn’t have to go to the hospital for that one and there was no memory loss… THAT part is strange — usually I am very foggy after a seizure. Maybe because I was asleep when it happened…

The next time (and my last seizure), we were working at the hotel together and I had one while I was at the front desk. It was 3rd shift and Loverman was the first responder for that one, too. He waited with me until the ambulance came. I can’t remember any of it. I can only remember waking up at the hospital thinking “What the fuck is going on?” and probably looking scared as hell. The nurse waiting for me to wake up told me what happened and then she said, “Check your phone. Someone from your job called and told us to have you check your phone.”

Loverman had sent me a text explaining what had happened at work and it also said he would be at the hospital to pick me up and bring me home as soon as he finished up with his reports for the night.

He is such a wonderful, thoughtful man and I am so glad I was lucky enough to find him!


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