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Football Fun

on January 26, 2014

Thing #1 and I have been watching football together for the last few seasons (GO BRONCOS!!!) and this year McDonald’s had a couple of cute commercials with voices dubbed over what the players actually said.

In this one, some of our favorite lines were Colin Kaepernick’s “I hate puppets!” and Joe Flacco’s “I need a mustache so bad.”

And then there’s Thing #1’s favorite line in this one: Jim Harbaugh’s “A burger I like!” (I had to stop her from rewinding it again. I think we watched it like 20 times — it was like she was 3 again!) and mine was Frank Gore with: “Have you seen Sasquatch today?”

Here are some more bad lip readings of the NFL. I hope some of them make you laugh! (Having somebody yucky like you, Denim Golf jeans, Voldemort!)

2 responses to “Football Fun

  1. Ok so next week we will have to agree to disagree and remain blogging friends… GO SEAHAWKS!! 😉 k?

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