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on February 2, 2014

Loverman is missing!!!


I just received a call from a gentleman who found Loverman’s phone on the street by one of “our” casinos in Black Hawk. I had already started to worry earlier today when he didn’t text me back that work went well and he’s safe at home. We always touch base Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I already called the casino security and the Black Hawk Police Department. I confirmed with his job that he showed up to work last night.

Work was the most important factor. If he hadn’t gone to work last night I would have then contacted the local hospital and the Highway Patrol (that’s what Adriane at the PD told me to do).

Now I just have to wait and hear from the very, VERY (implicitly) kind man that called me earlier to tell me he found Loverman’s Smart Phone (instead of stealing and pawning it!). Mr. Gentleman is going to call me later from Loverman’s phone and let me know a place where I can meet him to pick it up. Hopefully I will still be able to watch the Super Bowl live, but that doesn’t even bother me except for in passing thought…

Once I get it, I will just text his wife to please let Loverman know that I have it. She knows that Loverman and I are best friends so it shouldn’t be too strange to get that text from his phone. There are two other possible scenarios: he is already waiting for me somewhere close so he can tell me that he lost his phone OR he’s coming over to my house this afternoon to watch the Super Bowl (but most likely not the latter one).

It will be nice when I know for sure that my best-y is safe and sound.

2 responses to “Missing!

  1. […] was safe at work at 8:44 Friday night and getting ready to take a nap! You know the next part from Sunday’s Post — I was worried because he didn’t call/text me back Sunday morning as is customary. […]

  2. […] like that every Saturday night after Thing #1 and I get done skating. Normally, he texts me back. The one time that he didn’t, it was because he lost his phone and had no way to contact […]

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