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What Happened Last Weekend

on February 5, 2014

Loverman actually lost his phone Friday night, not Saturday afternoon like I originally thought. Here is our conversation Friday night when I got home from my friend’s house at 7:44.

Friday TextsWhen he sent that message to me, he wasn’t actually “already at work” getting ready to take a snooze like he said he was (we’ll be having a discussion about that tonight before skating 😉 ). He decided to drive to Black Hawk and pick up $15 in comps that were only good until midnight (because it was the last day of the month).

He stopped in at the Mardi Gras last so he could pick up some dinner with his $5 worth of food comps and waited over 45 minutes to get his food. This is the second time they have forgotten to make his food (it happened about a month ago again when he was leaving to get to work! It’s like they know!)! Last time they made him a free pizza to go with his order and then sent him on his merry way. This time, they forgot to make his order AGAIN!

At 9PM, Loverman was waiting there for food that was never going to be made for him, so he impatiently sat down at one of the machines and took his phone out to shut off his alarm. When he set the phone down, he forgot to pick it up and when it became clear that they were never going to cook his meal, he raced back to his truck to get to work on time.

About 10 minutes down the mountain, he reached down for his phone and it wasn’t there hooked on his belt where it belongs. He turned around and drove the 10 minutes back to talk to security and retrace his steps. It was pointless and security wasn’t much help, and he was late for work, so he went to work and got there about 45 minutes late.

Saturday morning, when he got off work, he went back up to the casinos where he was (lots of driving! and to think that I almost drove up there Sunday, too, to look for him!) and talked to security again, asking them if they could go back and look at the videos from last night when he was at machines X & Y. Security told him that they can’t do that — he was infuriated, because HE’S security and knows that isn’t true, but he couldn’t argue with them.

The previous night at work, he had tried calling his phone and it went directly to voice-mail. He had pretty much resolved himself to finding a broken phone, because it it did drop or fall, it would definitely be broken, but he retraced his steps regardless. At least he would know what happened, even if the phone was mutilated.

No such luck. He spent all day Saturday trying to find his phone and then had to leave for work at 5PM because there was going to be a special event at Coors Field and he had to work a 12-hour shift starting at 6. When he got to work, he tried calling his phone again. This time it rang! And then someone picked up! And then they hung up on him….

He worked all night Saturday. That entire time I didn’t even know there was a problem. Remember, the last thing I heard was that he was safe at work at 7:44 Friday night and getting ready to take a nap! You know the next part from Sunday’s Post — I was worried because he didn’t call/text me back Sunday morning as is customary. Then, some dude calls me from his phone around noon to tell me he has it and wants to give it to me — but then never calls me back to actually give it to me….

The entire day Sunday, Loverman kept calling his phone hoping that someone would answer again and actually respond to him.

Eventually, Sunday night when he was calling from work, some dude did answer and told Loverman that Dude would leave the phone in the mailboxes at his Aunt’s apartment complex. Then told Loverman the address.

Monday morning, when Loverman got off work, he couldn’t drive to that address fast enough! And, when he got there, there was a freaking NOTE telling him to go to apartment XXXX and ask for Celia. Which he did. (This part of the story scared me when he was telling me because ‘Celia’ could have been some scary axe-murderer or something!!!) Celia was just some older woman who brought Loverman back out to the mailboxes and opened hers. Inside her mail cubby was Loverman’s phone.

She gave him the phone, he thanked her profusely and then was on his merry way.

And as soon as he got his phone back he texted me the short but sweet message:

I got my phone back.

Then my emotions went into turmoil because I was so relieved and so angry and so confused, blah, blah, blah… And that was all BEFORE I found out that he lied to me Friday night giving me a false sense of security.

Last night while I was driving home in traffic, Loverman told me his story (it made my slippery drive home much less shitty). He didn’t want to leave anything out so it took him a little over an hour to tell me the entire thing. All the while I was asking questions, but trying not to interrupt.

Even though Loverman did lie to me about where he was Friday night, I’m not angry about that. It’s strange. I’m a tad bit upset and I will have to mention it to him, but it’s strange. Now that we’ve talked, I am happy to know that he is okay and not hurt or broken or lost or mugged, etc…

Maybe next week we can watch the movie 127 Hours on “date night”…


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  1. says:

    Good that your loverman is safe and sound in the end!

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