Emotional Basket Case

Emotional Basket Case

For posterity: our ‘conversation’ yesterday morning after my sweet Loverman dropped me off at work. The first note was on a post-it that I left for him to find when he came back to pick up his truck, the rest were texts. He’s so sweet — he even said there would be  a next time 😉
I worry about that when I’m going insane. It’s something I’m working on…


Thank you for letting me be an emotional basket case this morning. Sometimes my feelings for you are so strong it’s hard to control them.

I got your note. Thanks Mama for everything. I will talk to you later tonight. Mmmm…

Ooo…sorry about my performance last night. I’ll try to do better next time.

LOL! Your performance was awesome. Don’t worry about it, please! Thank you, sweet man. For everything! I’ll call you tonight when I leave work. Good luck with Bear.
I’ll be sending you positive thoughts. Kisses!


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