I’m Just a Mom: Self-Esteem

I’m Just a Mom: Self-Esteem

Jem and the Holograms

Last week, I posted the this pic on Thing #2‘s Facebook page with a link to Amazon and said, “OMG!!!! You can get the entire series on DVD! Now I know what to get you for your birthday this year!!! :)”

She responded, “Hm… it looks awesome, but it’s crazy expensive. I’ll have to pass.”

When I got home later that night, just to be clear that she wasn’t telling me, in a nice way, that she really doesn’t want it, I asked her exactly that. She said, “No, Mom. I think it would be epically cool to have it, but it’s way too expensive to give me as a gift.”

I appreciate that she’s being fiscally responsible (or just a martyr?), but I told her that when a person is giving a gift, it’s really up to the gift-ER to decided what is too expensive, not the gift-EE. She continued to disagree with me even after I persisted that GIVING gifts is a fun privilege and if I can afford to indulge my children with frivolous things (especially when they are SO hard to buy gifts for, right?), I am fucking gonna!!

She didn’t even concede that how I spend *my* money is *my* choice. In fact, she explained that she couldn’t enjoy something so frivolous because she would be feeling guilty for costing me so much money.

It made me totally sad that she doesn’t think she deserves a $57.00, cheesy, 80s-cartoon TV series. She should definitely love herself more than that

Such persistence in negativity. She is starting to take after Mr. Doom-n-Gloom more and more every day… How do I help her to “accentuate the positive”?

Telling her that she is wonderful and that I love her, no matter what, is NOT working.

The waiting is painful.

(And this is why I don’t write about Thing #2 very much. She’s very depressing, but not Emo, that would probably be easier.)

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