Next Week’s Mini-Vacation

Next Week’s Mini-Vacation

We’re going on a trip together next week! Not a sk8-venture or anything fancy like that, but we are going to use the Groupon that I got Loverman for his birthday.

I am SO excited (and definitely ready)!!! We leave next Tuesday around noon, and we’ll be back sometime Thursday after lunch. We’re not going very far (see: Historic Crag’s Lodge). In fact, we will only be about an hour and a half away, but we will be in solitude with ourselves. Last year we did the same thing and it was wonderful! The only thing wrong was that it didn’t last longer.

0327131455I am grateful every single day that I have my sweet Loverman to help me break through the monotony of existence. He brings joy to everything we do together — and he would argue by saying, “That’s all you, baby.”

To peace, love and joy! Cheers!


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