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Loverman’s Wife (aka Diva)…

on April 1, 2014

…is a 48-year-old “woman” who…diva

…hasn’t paid the mortgage on her house in over 9 months. Her house is in her name and her name only. When Loverman asked her about the foreclosure letters that came in the mail last month she told him it wasn’t any of his business and that she’s a grown woman and can take care of herself.

…hasn’t paid the cable or internet bill in over 3 months and now both have been disconnected. These are also responsibilities that she has taken upon herself and refuses to let Loverman help out with.

…has a 13-year-old son and has no idea who the baby-daddy is.

…does not make her 13-year-old son go to school. EVER!!! This is the second year now that boy has not been MADE to go to school. Last year (2012-2013) her son didn’t attend even one single day of school between the months of October and February. That boy had to attend summer school in order to move up to the next grade and was told that if he pulled that stunt again next year (right now) he would be held back a year with NO chance to make up time in summer school. Period. This year, Diva’s son went to school September through the end of October and has not attended a single day since. When Loverman tries to talk to Diva’s son about how important an education is, Diva tells Loverman to mind his own business.

…does not buy any groceries for her 13-year-old son and leaves him alone for 4-6 days at a time. When Loverman asks if he can help, again Diva tells him that her son isn’t HIS son and to mind his own business. When she finally does come home, she spoils her son with fast food and video games (which he can’t play because their internet has been shut off for nonpayment)… and then takes off for another week.

…goes out clubbing on those 4-6 nights a week and posts pictures every single time on her Facebook page (she posts them publicly, like an idiot, so I can see everything she does *leSigh*). Very young boys men come to her house at all hours of the day and night to hang out with her in her bedroom and take her to clubs. If they see Loverman working on a car in front of the house, they make a u-turn in the street and drive away. 5 minutes later, Diva is rocking her clubbing outfit and getting in her car to drive away.

diva flower

Loverman has nowhere to go. He doesn’t have enough money to get himself his own place and is just keeping his stuff at Diva’s house until the bank forecloses on it and kicks them both out. Then, he and I will have some serious financial juggling and life adjusting to do. She will probably lose her house about the same time this year as I decide to send Mr. Gloom-n-Doom packing — we always have weird coincidences like that.

I don’t like to talk about Loverman’s wife. That’s why you haven’t heard any of this before. She totally pisses me off! But I think you should at least know what I know about her.

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10 responses to “Loverman’s Wife (aka Diva)…

  1. Susan says:

    Why does he want to help if he’s basically already gone?

    Why would she want him to help her? So he can hold it over her head? From a wives pov I wouldn’t want his help either if he was sleeping with another woman. He is planning to leave why does it matter who she spends time with? He shouldn’t care. It stopped being his business when he started romancing you.

    Not trying to be mean but I get annoyed when the OW talks about the wife. You have the man no need to put her down. Leave her out of it.You can’t care about her or her son if you are sleeping with him.

    As to the son your “man” needs to leave asap and call cps to report her. If he is there while the boy is starving he will be charged as an accesory to neglect. This is not a good environment for the boy to be in if he knows your man is already gone. Your man needs to stop disrespecting the boy by stepping out on his mom and just leave.

    Why aren’t you or this man calling CPS if you know he is being neglected?

    • I cannot answer all your questions. But I do apologize if this post was offensive to you. I didn’t think you were being mean, only honest. Thank you.

      I agree that it’s really none of Loverman’s business. But how about from his cheating wife’s point of view?!? She is just as obviously cheating on her husband as he is on her. At least we aren’t doing it in their house! But, this isn’t a competition and I digress.

      As always, it is easy to judge someone else’s situation from the outside, and I am not the boss of “my man”. The choices he makes are his and only his. He is working on moving out of there, he already has his things packed and is trying to get a second job so he can afford to move out. I have not divulged all of his financial situation here, and I probably never will, but he doesn’t have very much money.
      The grandparents and the uncle of this child are also aware of the situation. Loverman has spoken to all of them about it. As a result of their ignorance, he “wants” to help less and less as time goes on. It’s all sad for the boy, indeed.

      • Susan says:

        I wasn’t offended. I just hate reading the ow talk about the wife like she is a horrible person when she might be suffering too, due to the marriage breakdown. I just mean that if they are both cheating then niether can really be that upset or pretend to be betrayed. Its like the pot calling the kettle black. Wives are women with hurts and feelings too. They don’t always mean to make mistakes but the are human too.

        I didn’t mean to sound like I am blaming him but a phrase I heard is the cost of staying can be the worse than the cost of leaving. It sounds like that is where he is. Staying in a toxic environment might hurt him more than staying with a friend or even in his car. But then again staying might be best in his opinion.

        And about the son. I just feel bad that he doesn’t have someone guiding him. When a young teen doesn’t have guidance it can hurt their future. Hopefully someone can get guardianship until his mom can parent him better.

        • I appreciate your feelings and I understand what you’re saying. This is my first and only post about Diva specifically. I don’t try to talk her down here. I don’t want to (well, I kind of do, but I’m not…). There were a few posts about her in the beginning of my blog, but they were more in regards to my jealousy that he was actually HER man.

          I didn’t think you were blaming him, but he is a party to this neglect. And, even though he tried to help his step-son last year, he has been told to stay out of it now. Strangely enough, he called me yesterday and told me that Diva posted she was now in a relationship with this DJ guy on Facebook; DJ posted the same on his page. Loverman asked if he could borrow my truck so he can start moving his boxes to a storage unit this week.

        • Oh, yeah. I really loved your comment. Thank you!

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