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A Weekend in Texts

on April 7, 2014

This weekend (as most weekends) Loverman and I didn’t “talk” at all, but we communicated all we needed to say in our very brief texts with each other.

Saturday Night Text

I send something like that every Saturday night after Thing #1 and I get done skating. Normally, he texts me back. The one time that he didn’t, it was because he lost his phone and had no way to contact me.

He didn’t text me back this time either, so I set my alarm to wake me up early Sunday morning when I knew he would be off work.

Sunday Morning Texts

Sunday night I went roller skating by myself and it felt a lot little lonely. It was my first time going to this rink and, in the end, I was very proud of myself for going alone! It turns out that it was a good thing; I knew more people there than I expected to and I had a TON of fun!! But it made me really miss my skating partner, especially during the slow-n-sexy couples’ songs.

When I sent these messages last night, Loverman didn’t know yet that I had just been skating. I didn’t want to bother him with a long conversation while he was at work and I really didn’t want to send that many texts. But I told him all about my awesome time skating when we were having our Monday-morning catch-up…

Sunday Night Texts

2 responses to “A Weekend in Texts

  1. says:

    Hope you can see him face to face soon !

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