Can I Be Friends With My Boss?

Can I Be Friends With My Boss?

Me: I never really liked her. I thought she was a bitch.

Boss-Lady: Oh, you knew her well?

Me: No, but I usually go off my gut feelings. She was always so aloof and unfriendly.

Boss-Lady: To be fair, you think everyone’s a bitch.

Me: Are you saying that I think you’re a bitch?

Boss-Lady: I’m pretty sure you do.

Me: I definitely don’t like it when you tell me how I feel. That’s for sure.

Boss-Lady: It is how it is.

Me: Okay. Well, I’m sorry you feel that way.

And I walked out of her office.


I thought about that conversation for a couple of hours after it happened. It really bothered me. We were talking about a former employee that was fired for insubordination and just plain bitchiness — I would say that, in this case, I was right to trust my gut instincts, but wrong to express my feelings to my boss.

Which is sad because I thought she was my friend (well… she was my friend before she was my boss at least…) but lately she’s been just plain mean to me.

I’m starting to get the feeling that she isn’t my friend at all. She’s just a mean-spirited lady tucked inside a facade of niceness.

Here’s the deal, her daughter is going through some health issues and just had a baby. Also, her daughter is very much like me (and Boss-Lady) — strong-willed. I think that, because she is unable to fight with her daughter right now, she’s transferring that shit over to me.

At work.

Twice now she has actually said to me, “You’re just like my daughter. You can’t be happy with anything!”

Is that an appropriate thing to say to your employee? Friend or not…


Talk to me :-)

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