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Another Sweetest Thing

on May 15, 2014


Loverman will make love to me in the morning, just as we’re waking up, before I have put in my teeth.

Then he will lay there with me, when it’s over, and kiss me and talk to me

Like everything is completely normal.

As we’re getting into the shower, he will watch me as I clean my teeth, and glue them into my mouth.

Then he will shower with me, we will wash each others’ bodies and we will get ready for our days

Like everything is completely normal.

5 responses to “Another Sweetest Thing

  1. says:

    actually morning sex is best !

  2. I love that! That is a love that is not superficial. That is a rare love when you love someone so much all the pretense just falls away. Aww…that thought warms my heart for you. I have had mornings like that with W. Where we have made love before brushing, then cuddled, then showered together (he always washes my hair for me when we shower together), then get ready for our day together. Those are the moments. You verbalized it beautifully! 🙂

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