Is This Too Bitchy?

Is This Too Bitchy?

I have now corrected a closing document 6 times this morning for this girl…


It would be very helpful if you would please do your due diligence to ensure that the closing files are complete and correct when they are first sent to me. I sent out an email to you on the 15th of May asking for much of this information and the details provided to me were incorrect.

I want to be as helpful as possible. However, I manage this process for 3 different offices, several other agents and have other accounting duties as well. Some days I honestly do not have the time to spend correcting continual mistakes.

That being said, please review this PDF and let me know if it is correct. If there are multiple changes that need to be made, please make me aware of them all at once.

Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated

~ Me


Happy Friday, everyone! Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!


4 thoughts on “Is This Too Bitchy?

  1. I don’t think it’s bitchy, but I do think you lose your point slightly by asking her to check that what you’ve done is correct..

    I would perhaps phrase it differently – along the lines of “From the information that you have provided me with so far, please check the attached PDF to ensure that all the final information I have collated is correct.”

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