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on June 28, 2014

I finally received an email from Thursday in regards to me possibly being on Nightline’s second special on infidelity (see post):


I can’t say that I’m not disappointed 😦 but I’m also not surprised.

Also, I looked it up and, there is no Nightline episode on tonight. Nightline doesn’t air on Saturday nights. Per ABC’s website

Who was I talking to?

14 responses to “Nightline

  1. Exit 4A says:

    So bummed! Was looking forward to seeing and hearing the person behind the blog! Also, strange of AM not to know when their own member representative is going to be on TV. But keep checking the TV listings, ABC will get it right. That will be one helluva show.

  2. oceanswater says:

    Hmmmmm…Not sure

      • oceanswater says:

        Yeah. When I was in AM I also got that question and just said not interested. But then I am also married. Could not do that. 🙂

        • I’m married, too. And I was going to be worried about what I would tell everyone if I had to go somewhere. But, I found the other interview and watched it — ABC went to her… And I would have been “in disguise”.

          But, I also figured it probably wouldn’t happen so, WTF.

          • oceanswater says:

            You are brave. I’d be scared shitless my name would get out some way. But I found a wonderful man on AM. Almost 3 years now since we met.

  3. johnnyid says:

    I’m so disappointed that I’m not going to get to see you interviewed. They obviously chose the wrong people to talk to. I think what you should do an interview anyway and post it here.

  4. Confessions of Your Husband's Mistress says:

    How bizarre! Although I have to say I can’t imagine a mistress getting a fair shake when it comes to the general public. It’s still too upsetting for people to discuss without emotions getting in the way.

    • I think you’re right. The other interview seemed totally benign at the beginning but it became more and more judgmental towards the end. I tried to find that episode again when I wrote this post so I could include it, but I couldn’t find it 😦 It was interesting because they also interviewed the Owner of Ashley Madison along with his wife!

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